Protest Against Turkish Products in Yerevan

Activist throwing away Turkish products during protest

Activist throwing away Turkish products during protest

YEREVAN (ArmeniaNow)—Not only Armenians living in their homeland, but also those in the entire world should refuse to buy Turkish goods because by buying them they support terrorism and production of weapons that are used against Armenians, argue activists of the “Protest Against Turkish Product” initiative.

On Thursday, the initiative group is holding a rally in front of the government building in Armenia, demanding a government ban on the import of Turkish goods, and urging citizens to stop consuming them.

“We cannot be sure that through Turkish food we are not subjected to attack by a bacteriological weapon. This is a very important issue of security, which should be officially dealt with,” Tsovinar Kostanyan, a member of For the Sake of Law civic movement, stated, adding that they also demand that the government develop flexible customs policies and ways to import goods from other countries.
Initiative members are particularly concerned by a considerable increase in the import of Turkish goods in recent years. Whereas for 17 years, from 1991 to 2008, goods worth $700 million were imported to Armenia from Turkey, then from 2008 to 2014 it has already amounted to $1.5 billion. Moreover, according to Arman Ghukasyan, an organizer of the rally, these figures are official statistical data, whereas, in reality, there may be more imported products.

“The fight against the import of Turkish goods has always existed, but this problem became urgent after the four-day war [in Nagorno-Karabakh]. By this initiative, we will try to do everything to succeed. It should be taken into account that we consider it a matter of national security and dignity,” said Ghukasyan.
According to economist Tatul Manaseryan, the refusal of Turkish products can help increase the local production as well as reduce sponsorship of terrorism in the world, as Turkey is doing just that.

“Many of our citizens go for seasonal work, with great difficulty sending money to their relatives here, and the latter by purchasing Turkish goods are funding the Turkish military production industry,” said the economist.

Citing the example of Russia as a country that was very much dependent on Turkey, Manaseryan said that using the moral motive, Russia has managed to slash its economic relations with Turkey and to impose sanctions against Turkey. He added that the same can be done by Armenia.

The economist pointed out that to have an effective struggle the initiative should be supported by the government, the private sector, and the civil society, whereas, even if one of them fails to support it, there cannot be any success.

“One should not adopt a miserable posture by asking what the people [who are involved in the business of importing Turkish products] will do. We are an independent and sovereign country, and to create jobs for these people should be the priority issue for our country. Our country should encourage self-employment, refrain from imposing taxes on micro businesses, about which I told the government a long time ago. Actually, a policy, which will substitute the import, should be implemented, that is, it’s a shame that we do not produce what is imported.”

Calls for boycotting Turkish goods as well as resorts as travel destinations have also been made at the marginal level in Armenia in the past, with videos posted online showing how money paid for a Turkish piece of clothes eventually becomes a bullet that kills an Armenian soldier at the border with Azerbaijan. Many Armenians involved in economic dealings with Turkey as well as ordinary consumers of various Turkish goods, however, appear to be unconvinced, referring to the combination of relatively good quality and low price of apparel and other items imported from Turkey.

Consequences of a possible ban on Turkish imports at the micro and macro economic levels as well as its potential impact on different social groups in Armenia have not been comprehensively estimated yet either.


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  1. Serop said:

    When I buy products I read the country of origion, If from Turkey or Azerbaijan or Israel, I refuse to buy them, I will pay twice as much to make sure I buy products that are not made in the nations which are trying to destroy us.
    I am troubled by the delibertate & calculated involvement of Israeli Military with training to Azerbaijan, and by delivering Laser Guided anti tank missles a week before the azeris attacked, knowing very well it was for use against Armenians.
    Israel , USA have a number of satellites in the region, and troop movements was IAM 100% certain noticed, yest the zionist stae of USA, Israel just let it happen
    Wake up Armenians and know who our enemies are

  2. Justme said:

    Imagine how many jobs can we create if we import just 10 or 15 million a year instead of the current 150 million dollar. Why is this government SO WEAK?! Yes, there might be some goods that we cannot easily replace but these are maybe just 10 or 20 percent of the total import, the rest can be easily made locally or at least we can import them from some country which values its relation with us.

  3. Gary said:

    Russia scrapped all its tourism and commerce with Turkey after they lost one bomber and 2 pilots. We lost 1.5 million and Turkey is with Azerbaijan all the way, meaning in case of war they are attacking us too, so how difficult is to burn the Turkish towels, and dump their canned foods?one cannot strengthen the arm that’s carrying an axe to cut your neck.

  4. Hago hagopian said:

    I unequivocally agree. About 15 years ago I purchased pickled peppers from a local grocery store in Hollywood and over a course of a week I finished the jar. I admit I love spicy foods, however, I developed a very severe rash on my arms and legs. I am convinced whatever ingredient was assessed caused that rash.
    A few years ago in Los Angeles, there were similar movements to stop purchasing turkish products. Unbeknownst to those activists, the importers who I deal with on a regular basis would admit that, that campaign caused them severe financial deficit. This is a great story, because I never know who organized that campaign, but I would like to take this forum to let them know it was a success.
    Boycott turkish products watch professor Umit Kurt lecture on YouTube by ARPA and it will enlighten the community of how Armenian properties were confiscated and today they are sold as turkish products. Boycott turkish products because if you don’t you are supporting Daesh (Isis).

  5. My name is Aram, too said:

    Փառքը շատ Տեր Աստուած. Thank the good Lord. Finally! A couple months ago, before the April 2016 Azer-BABOON assault on Artsakh, some of my co-workers, who are not Armenian and originally from areas not really commonly associated with an Armenian population, started asking me about Artsakh. My first reaction, to myself, was “You ACTUALLY know what Artsakh is?” I told them about the unimaginable beauty of the area, its people, and how it was the actions of Stalin to randomly gift Armenian lands (Artsakh & Nakhchivan) to the Azer-BABOONs. Then we talked about the Armenian Genocide, United Armenia, Armenian culture, and Armenian cuisine. I took them to an Armenian grocery store in the area so that they can experience some of the Armenian food and cuisine. They loved everything. They told me that while they never really paid attention to the country of origin for the products they buy, they will now look for that information are never buy Turkish made products. This is something that I have ALWAYS done.
    However, at the ARMENIAN grocery store, THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF TURKISH PRODUCTS, from lokum, to crackers, to cookies, to juice. You name it. My question is WHY?!
    I could maybe see a non-Armenian store carry Turkish products, what’s it to them?

    -My Name is Aram, too

  6. Raffi said:

    It doesn’t make any sense that Russia imports Armenian goods instead of Turkey, while Armenia imports goods from Turkey, Armenian manufactureres should use this opportunity to produce world class products and besides selling internally also export internationaly.