Rocket Explodes Next to Armenian Church in Aleppo

A rocket fired near St. Asdvadzadzin Church in Aleppo. (Photo: Grtasirats Facebook Page)
A rocket fired near St. Asdvadzadzin Church in Aleppo. (Photo: Grtasirats Facebook Page)

A rocket fired near St. Asdvadzadzin Church in Aleppo. (Photo: Grtasirats Facebook Page)

ALEPPO—A rocket fired by militant groups in Aleppo exploded next to the Armenian St. Asdvadzadzin Church, destroying one of the nearby houses, reported Kantsasar newspaper.

According to the report, the church and the adjacent Gertasirats S. Chemberjian High School have not been damaged in the attack, with only a few shattered glasses.

St. Asdvadzadzin is the only Armenian Church in Aleppo that has not been affected.

In 2012, St. Kevork Church was set ablaze in Aleppo’s Nor Kyugh neighborhood. Militant shelling has also damaged the Armenian Catholic Church Holy Trinity Church, also known as Zvartnots, destroying its dome and injuring four. In early 2016, the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church in Aleppo’s Munshieh district also suffered many damages as a result of militant shelling.


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  1. zarkim said:

    Americans funded, armed and encouraged Turkey to allow these terrorists to get stronger, enter Syria/Iraq and kill/kidnap innocent civilians. Most of these terrorists’ weapons were supplies by US Administration and allies. Aiding and abetting (Accessory): Americans have helped (And still do) Turkey Loot Iraq/Syira including stealing oil.
    While they were creating these TERRORIST groups (At least 100) in Syria by American Administration, Europe, England, Israel, Saudi and Jordan, etc.. ; They were all separately negotiating with Erdogan who was going to coordinate/manage/support these groups.
    Hollande was adamant that Assad must be killed! Hollande supported the creation of these TERRORIST coordinated by TURKEY, organized by ARMERICANS/ALLIES.
    This latest attack in France is by the same WOLVES that Hollande was sending to Syria to kill Armenian children in Kassab.
    Turkish terrorists that attacked Kessab were encouraged by Americans/allies and NATO including ISRAEL. ISIS exists because of Americans and their allies. ISIS’s stronghold/nest is in Turkey.
    KESSAB before & after March 21, 2014
    Remember Kessab 21/3/2014
    All those responsible, including the American Administration for encouraging these Turkish controlled terrorists harm innocent civilians must be held accountable. Armenians must be compensated for Armenian HOLY CHURCHES destroyed by these terrorists led by TURKEY, organized by American Administration.