AYF Organizes Memorial Honoring Lives of Lisbon 5

Closing of event with an AYF Juniors’ performance of “Verkerov Lee,” joined by the entire community.

GLENDALE—On Sunday, July 31, 2016, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) Glendale “Roupen” chapter organized an “Evening of Remembrance” commemorating the lives of the Lisbon 5 at the Glendale Youth Center. The event brought together the entire community at large, gathering over 150 individuals, for a memorial event composed of biographical and informational video presentations about Lisbon 5, musical performances, and keynote speaker remarks.

The event began with a moment of silence, honoring the lives of the five martyrs. Following the moment of silence, opening remarks were presented by Glendale “Roupen” Chapter executive member, Patil Derderian, who emphasized the significance of Lisbon 5’s act, how the Lisbon 5 paved the way to worldwide recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and how it continues to unfold into new grounds of recognition in furtherance of our cause.

After a biographical video on Ara, Simon, Setrag, Sarkis and Vache, Krisdapor Arabian and Greg Hosharian performed the Lisbon 5 song in honor of the lives of the Lisbon 5. A factual video footage covering the “act” followed the performance.

Lastly, Dr. Viken Yacoubian, ARF Bureau member and keynote speaker, emphasized the idea of premeditated sacrifice for the benefit of the nation as a whole. He continued to explain how the deliberate, conscious and intentional death and sacrifice of Lisbon 5 immortalized them and their act, as they did not die in vain but rather for a cause.

“It is important to note and affirm that the Lisbon 5 men did not act upon fury, nor was it the last moments of despaired lives. On the contrary, their supreme message to us all, be it a devoted Armenian or otherwise, became the spirit of our national interests toward a colossal dream,” said Yacoubian. “No one is bigger than that dream; no sole person is an owner of that dream. ‘It is only our people,’ they [Lisbon 5] said, ‘who are the rightful owners of that dream,'” he continued.

The event was brought to a close with AYF Juniors’ performance of “Verkerov Lee,” joined by the entire community.

The AYF stands with and honors the lives of Lisbon 5, the five young individuals who gave their lives for our ancestors, for our purpose, our voice and our Cause, a Cause we continue to unite for in furtherance of our demands.

Founded in 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation is the largest and the most influential Armenian- American youth organization in the United States, working to advance the social, political, education and cultural awareness among Armenian-American youth.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    With all that’s been going on lately, it seems they died in vain.