Turkey’s Dialogue with Moscow can Resolve Karabakh conflict, Turkish Envoy says

Turkish ambassador to Baku, Ismail Alper Coshkun (Source: Trend.az)
Turkish ambassador to Baku, Ismail Alper Coshkun (Source: Trend.az)

Turkish ambassador to Baku, Ismail Alper Coshkun (Source: Trend.az)

BAKU (Today.az)—Turkey, through normalization of relations with Russia, can start a dialogue with Moscow to resolve the Armenian-Azerbaijani- Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Turkish Ambassador to Baku Ismail Alper Coskun said on August 12.

He reminded that Turkey is a member of the OSCE Minsk Group, established to mediate between the parties to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and supports the conflict resolution.

Alper Coskun believes that the resolution of the conflict would benefit not only Azerbaijan, but also Russia and Armenia.

“The settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will promote stability in the region,” said the ambassador.

Stressing that Azerbaijan is an important country for Turkey, Coskun said Turkey, as before, supports Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution.

Historically, the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey have been brotherly, friendly, and collaborative. Turkey has always been the strategic partner of Azerbaijan, the people of both countries being of Turkic race, sharing similar histories, cultures, religions and traditions.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan previously said that the OSCE Minsk Group, which includes Turkey, could have worked more effectively for conflict resolution.


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  1. Art Napetian said:

    Turkish Ambassador is lying, Azerbayjanis are not Turkic Race they are turkified Arians, Azari Iranians, besides they are not Sunny’s like Turks but Shi’ites like iranians. Is this the way Turkey wants to help sove the Karabakh problem, with lies?

  2. Ararat said:

    Somebody should put this Turkish dirt bag in his place. These Turkish wolves in sheep’s clothing have no shame whatsoever. This conflict is between the Armenians and the artificial gas-station of Azerbaijan and this imbecile is totally disregarding the Armenians and claims the conflict can be resolved through dialogue between the illegally-established fascist and genocidal state of Turkey and Russia? I spit on his face. Turkey wanting to be party to this conflict resolution is like a bank robber wanting to become the bank president. The mentality of such filthy self-righteous charlatans disgust me.

    When he says the Turks and the pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijanis have historically been brotherly and collaborative, he means they have collaborated together to murder Armenians. The rest of gibberish is nothing more than a fairy tale because there has never been an Azerbaijani nation with a state to have any history let alone share it with the Turks. The Azerbaijani nation is a fabrication and the artificial Azerbaijani state is a Soviet invention of less than a hundred years and for seven decades of Soviet rule these two nations had very little, if any, contact with each other. Religiously they are enemies, one being Sunni and the the other Shia.

    These shameless and morally-bankrupt Turkish snakes make such empty statements because in themselves they have found a common Armenian enemy to exploit. They should never be trusted and definitely must never be allowed to have any part in this conflict resolution whatsoever!

    • Raffi said:

      To these shameless and morally-bankrupt Turkey joined Russia, what a traitor.