Ankara Renews Call for ‘Joint Commission’ to Study Armenian Genocide

Mevlüt Cavuşoğlu
Mevlüt Cavuşoğlu

Mevlüt Cavuşoğlu

ANKARA—Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has renewed Turkey’s calls for the creation of a “joint commission to study the events of 1915,” Erminihaber, a Turkish news agency with a focus on Armenian issues reported Monday.

As part of its continued denial of the Armenian Genocide, successive Turkish administrations have called for the creation of such a commission to “study” the veracity of the Genocide and further delay Ankara’s responsibility to come to terms with its own barbaric past. The creation of such a commission also found its way in the dangerous Turkey-Armenia protocols, which have yet to be approved by Turkey, which is refusing to sign the document until a resolution to the Karabakh conflict is found that will benefit Azerbaijan.

During his talk with reporters, Cavusoglu also took time to welcome a decision last week by the French Constitutional Council—France’s highest judicial body—to not approve a measure that would criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide in that country. At the same time, he also welcomed a measure adopted by the Danish legislature last week, which recognized the Armenian Genocide, without mentioning the word, calling into question its validity.

“Let everyone open their archives, after which we will accept any revelation,” said Cavusoglu recycling Ankara’s standing insistence that the Genocide must be studied by historians from both Armenia and Turkey.

He said Armenia’s reluctance to agree to such a proposal is because “there was no Genocide,” criticizing Armenia for supporting “lobbying international forces” for recognizing the Genocide and “against Turkey.”

A new angle in Cavusolgu’s remarks came when he accused the Armenian Diaspora of collaborating with the Gulen movement, which Ankara has blamed for plotting the failed coup attempt in Turkey.


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  1. Ararat said:

    The statement “Let everyone open their archives, after which we will accept any revelation” should tell you all you need to know about these double-talking genocidal tricky Turks. It is no surprise that yesterday’s mass-murdering racist Turks, today’s wolves in sheep’s clothing, are making such offers because no Turkish leader, with proven anti-Armenian track record, would make such a blanket acceptance statement if he was not completely sure his fascist government’s secret service had not completed the task given to get rid of incriminating evidence.

    They know very well the purpose of their pre-planned and state-sponsored mass-extermination and genocide of 1,500,000 defenseless Armenian women and children ultimately was for denying their victims the freedom and the right to self-determination by confiscating their ancestral homeland to illegally establish fascist Turkey in 1923 without the indigenous Armenian themselves. If there were no Armenians left on their ancient homeland under Turkish occupation there would no longer be an Armenian Question to deal with.

    Never trust these two-faced, double-talking, anti-Armenia racist tricky Turks. Not even after every inch of occupied Armenian homeland is recovered and the murders of 1.5 million Armenians are avenged.

  2. David Dilanchian said:


  3. Raffi said:

    Turkish scum bag intelligence, they well know with the power of money they can rewrite the history, unfortunately these days everything is bought and sold like potatoes, historians, politicians, presidents, ….. you name it, even Europeans are following money politics, they are bankrupt morally and in values, one day they support the genocide and few days later they work against it.

  4. joe said:

    Ask this dirt bag if your not scared and your archives are open why the laws against anyone acknowledging the AG. Apparently you are scared of the truth, so sacred your country’s security is based on it.. The irony is that the Seljuk Turk doesn’t belong in Anatolia at all. They are Mongol Asian descendants. They invaded, raped and murdered the Original inhabitants, who today are mostly all gone. Turks then formed an amnesia state to collectively bury their actual history and crime and today considers the ‘Armenian issue’ as the single biggest threat to Turkish national security and take seriously anyone going counter to official narrative. Apparently creation of your country upon mass murder of others and their lands and wealth is detrimental to your national security and must be hidden at all cost. Turks understand this well.. Personally I can care less about our dialog and history lessons. the Turks know exactly what happened and what the consequences of their crimes are if exposed. They need to pay for their ancestors mass murder and THEFT as that was the single main purpose of the AG. THEFT. Acknowledgement,. Apology and reparation and restitution. JUST LIKE THAT is the answer, Nothing less.. Our lands and property DO NOT belong to any Seljuk Turks. All stolen through state planned mass murder. Time is coming. UNITE: One Armenia Arstakh and diaspora. All else are traitors to the Armenian nation.

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