Group Plans to Build World’s Longest Zipline in Armenia

Yell Extreme Park set to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build the world's longest zipline in Yenokavan, Armenia (Photo: Yell Extreme Park)
Yell Extreme Park set to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build the world's longest zipline in Yenokavan, Armenia (Photo: Yell Extreme Park)

Yell Extreme Park set to launch a crowdfunding campaign to build the world’s longest zipline in Yenokavan, Armenia (Photo: Yell Extreme Park)

YENOKAVAN, Armenia—Yell Extreme Park attraction held a press conference on May 3 discussing the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo aimed to construct the world’s longest zip line in Armenia. The campaign will run for 30 days.

The campaign video can be watched below.

The conference speakers Zarmine Zeytuntsyan, Chairperson of the State Committee of Tourism of Armenia and Tigran Chibukhchyan, founder of Yell Extreme Park presented the role of the world’s longest construction zipline project in terms of the development of the tourism sector in Armenia, project objectives and special features, the current international campaign messages, principles and rules of crowdfunding on Indiegogo international platform.

“We want to involve all the people in this record project who love to travel and seek new adventures and want to change the World of Extreme with us,” Chibukhchyan, said introducing their new project goals. “The construction of the world’s longest zipline in Yenokavan community of Tavush region of Armenia aims to unite adventure and extreme lovers from around the world, positioning Armenia as a regional extreme tourism center in the world tourism industry. We will not only develop the tourism industry of our country and make Armenia known to the world, but also create new job opportunities in border communities, involve the residents of these communities and encourage healthy lifestyle. So we call to unite both our compatriots living abroad and adventure tourism lovers from around the world, around a common project and make it real.”

In his call to join the project, Chibukchyan said that starting from May 4, each person who believes in the project and is ready to assist can participate in the crowdfunding in the Indiegogo international platform.

Zeytuntsyan welcomed the idea of a record project and stated “When we talk about adventure tourism, the first factor is the nature and the second is the familiarization with the cultural heritage. This is a huge industry globally: approximately 263 billion dollars. Tourists who are traveling for adventure stay in the country from 10-11 days, spending approximately $ 1,000. Armenia has great potential for the development of this type of tourism, both in terms of ecology and the availability of cultural and historical sights. Our main goal is to raise the international public awareness on the opportunities of Armenia in Extreme tourism and inform the target markets to whom Armenia is interesting.”

Zeytuntsyan also highlighted the importance of the longest zipline construction in terms of communities’ sustainable and balanced development.

Tatevik Simonyan, the Public Relations manager of Yell Extreme Park, said “The cooperation with international co-financing platforms is a common practice all over the world. Platforms such as Indiegogo allow to support and implement any valuable, innovative, exciting and significant project through crowdfunding. “

Newly built and the longest Zip Line will be 2680m in length with a height of 200-300m. The zipline’s flight duration will last 3 minutes, with a possible maximum speed of 120 km/h. The longest Zip Line registered in the Guinness Book is located in Puerto Rico, and the longest Zip Line is actually in Mexico with length of 2545m.

The idea of building the world’s longest zipline has been a goal of the “Yell Extreme Park” team minds since the early days of its establishment. The team is excited by the positive responses for the project in the context of social entrepreneurship, aimed at addressing the needs of the community and implementation of social and environmental changes.

The website will also be launched on May 4, where you can find the projects’ latest developments.


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  1. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    But this is nice too. Tourists spendind 1000 dollars per trip to Armenia , does not compare with Old age facilities that bring in a constant income, beside the employment involved with caring for these people. Doctors, janitors, cooks, laudry fcilities, facility maintenance, funeral services, etc. Why do you think Israel actively promotes old age services to Jews world wide. Immagine what kind of Medical facilities that kind of income will generate, and dvelop in Armenia.

  2. Antoine S. Terjanian said:

    Very well said Mr. Demiraiakian.
    First congratulations to people like Tigran Chibukhchyan for being creative and entreprising and creating this Yell Extreme Park. It is people like him who will make Armenia prosper.
    But coming back to the suggestion of retirement communities in Armenia, one of the most important contributions the Armenian Diaspora can make to the development of Armenia is to have our seniors retire in Armenia. Just think of the pleasure they would have to go to Armenian operas, theatre, dance shows anyday they want, to be served and cared for in Armenian, to live and breathe on Armenian soil and yes “Երդամ ննջեմ զիմ Հայաստան” like the Kilikia song says. Just think of the jobs this would create in Armenia.
    I still don’t understand why we are still subsidizing Seniors’ residences in the diaspora and not transferring our beloved seniors to the Hayreniq