Artsakh Soldier Killed by Azerbaijani Sniper Fire

Vache Chilingaryan, 19, was killed Sunday by Azerbaijani sniper fire

Vache Chilingaryan, 19, was killed Sunday by Azerbaijani sniper fire

STEPANAKERT—Azerbaijani sniper fire resulted in the death of Artsakh Armed Forces soldier Vache Chilingaryan, 19, who became the first casualty of 2018 due to Baku’s continued aggression and military hostility.

The Artsakh Defense Ministry reported that Chilingaryan was killed at the northeastern border of Artsakh and Azerbaijan at 1:20 p.m. local time on Sunday.

During an operation to aid Chilingaryan, two soldiers were also wounded from Azerbaijani sniper fire.

“The fact is that the serviceman has been shot dead by a sniper. The commander who rushed to help the soldier was also wounded in the firing. The vehicle of the operative group that was dispatched to the site to examine the reasons of the incident also came under fire. Another soldier was wounded here,” reported Movses Hakobyan the Chief of Staff of Armenia’s Armed Forces.

Noticing what had occurred, Senior Lieutenant Yuri Musinyan and contract soldier, driver David Vanyan, rushed to Chilingaryan’s assistance. But they, too, sustained gunshot wounds from the shots fired by the Azerbaijanis. They were taken to the military hospital, and their injuries are not life-threatening, said Hakobyan.

Artsakh President Bako Sahakian awarded Chilingaryan with the “For Service in Battle” medal for bravery shown during the defense of Artsakh.


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  1. Antranik Soultanian said:

    Mr Hakopyan, You told us what happened. Now please tell us, what are you going to do about it? Are we unable to give them a good lesson? I say we must hit back and hit them hard. It is the only way they will understand, Sod the international community. They don’t care anyway. May our soldier RIP. May God Bless his family. I am sure that all Armenians share their pane and sorrow.

  2. Ararat said:

    These Azerbaijanis are such cowards hiding behind the bushes and killing Armenian soldiers because they know they can’t do it in the battlefield. You can’t expect much from these subhuman hyenas. We took away their manhood 25 years ago and handed them a bitter and humiliating defeat by liberating occupied Armenian territories and wiping out over half their army. To honor this Armenian soldier we need to kill 10 Azeri soldiers and raze a village to the ground. Fire with NO mercy!

  3. Armine said:

    It’s soooooo sad that the world practically ignores all this. There is no mention in the int’l news.
    Astvatz hogin loosavori

    • Ararat said:

      The world does not care. It never has and it never will. The only time they do care is if there is something in it for them. What can we possibly expect from the world when our closest ally sells them weapons in billions of dollars and claims it is just for business? Who are they going to use these weapons against? Of course against none other than Armenians and innocent civilians and villagers with no means to defend themselves as we saw in the April 2016 4-day war. Even though that was the 2nd major defeat we handed to them in 25 years, it seems we learned very little from that. These people are racists and terrorists who have one goal in mind and that is our complete elimination with help from genocidal Turkey right next door.

      We pay a price when we become passive but when the entire nation united as one rises up and goes for the broke, win or lose, is when we triumph. A prime example of this was the ARTSAKH war of Liberation. We should always use that as a blueprint in dealing with these subhuman Turkish and pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani hyenas. When they realize we not only care about the life of every single one of our soldiers but that we show it by killing a dozen of theirs in retaliation and cause major collateral damage then they will come to their senses. You don’t try to domesticate a pack of wolves. You surround them and kill every single one of them because if you don’t they will come back for you with even more appetite.

      We need to give these motherless Azeris another bitter taste of the 1990s and we need to do it soon. Spring is around the corner. What better time to meet and greet them with massive fire power than their upcoming New Year of Novruz? Let’s join in with them in their celebration by watching them bury and mourn the death of a couple of hundreds of their coward soldiers!

  4. Shagen said:

    God Bless you Vache Jan, you are forever a hero!
    Աստված օրհնի քեզ,

  5. Arman Kaymakcian said:

    And so begins a new year with atrocities such as this, I pray that God will shatter the teeth of the azeri sniper in his own mouth and may He bless the family of this brave young soldier. He is with our Lord now and is experiencing eternal bliss

  6. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Must retaliate immediatly time of angagement , enemy then will understand on second attempt, defensive position will not work with azeris, must use offensive and kill azeri soldiers.

  7. joe said:

    You know why he died? because the Azeri’s realize we don’t retaliate too much. We only retaliate when they destroy military property who’s cost comes out of the pockets of the oligarchs. The usual condolence and condemnation and the ‘international community must do blah blah blah”… Also when is the diaspora youth going to do military duties? Never. That’s would jeopardize the current regime structure as that would bring outside influence on the finical and political grip that the current party must maintains at all cost. Including a cost of a soldier here or there. TRAITORS..

    • Shant Davidian said:

      Azerbaijanis bring outside influences with Israeli drones and petrol money.. Armenia just is permanently veteran status, while the inexperienced solders in Azerbaijan are just fully afraid.

      Azerbaijanis being afraid is something I cannot stress more.. They are actually cowards. This is coming from a soldier who was there through military duty.