ACTION ALERT: Stand Up to Trevor Noah and the Daily Show


ANCA-WR is urging you to take action

On Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, Trevor Noah of the Daily Show made a reprehensible and demeaning on-air reference to our community as “Filthy Armenians” while the Daily Show production team added a laugh track to accompany the appalling remark.

On Friday, the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region submitted a letter to Kent Alterman, President of Comedy Central, demanding an immediate apology and a meeting.

Take action! Send a letter to Kent Alterman NOW! 

Don’t wait for the next person to do this. We need them to hear from you, your family and friends NOW. It’s just one click!

Simply type in your name, address and email address and click “Send Message!”

After you send the letter, take a minute to spread the word on your social media platforms to encourage friends and family to take action on this important issue .Then make a call to the network at (323) 462-2400.


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  1. Hayk said:

    This is terrible. You are way off the mark, and clearly not noticing the context of the Trevor Noah’s comment with this “Action Alert.”
    Not only this call is misguided to put it mildly, it is terrible for retaining your own audience of supporters.
    I will now be less likely to click on your ‘action alerts’ from the email.

  2. Lynn said:

    Your comment about “filthy armenians” was not funny at all. Isn’t it bad enough to hear Trump say disgusting comments? I will never watch your show again.

  3. Gladys Kinoian Lujan said:

    I am very disappointed in Trevor Noah and his incomprehensible remark about Armenians. Does he know anything about Armenians their contributions to this country? Shame on him. Deserves to be fired.

  4. Vartan said:

    Yes, It all starts with a simple remark and next thing you know there is a genocide going on. I am Sure Turks and Germans just have started their campaign against Armenians and Jews with a simple phrase such of yours “Filthy” people. It is not a joke to play around with people’s dignity and we must stop racism now. Tomorrow will be too late. Shame on a person who is not respecting the man kind. Such a show should not air and be cancelled immediately.

  5. Michael Alexander said:

    The least you can do Trevor Noah is to apologise and retract your racial slur, you in particular, should know better………..mate!!

  6. Jack Stepanian said:

    Shame on Trevor Noah for his demeaning insensitive reference to Armenians. During these most sensitive times where social injustice is at the forefront of issues demanding rectification, Trevor Noah of the Daily Show sets a despicable example of a twisted mind. He should apologize and take action to rectify his shortcomings as a human being.

  7. Aravod said:

    Trevor Noah is not insulting Armenians with this joke. Noah is pointing out that people like Trump and Trump himself, who claim to be ‘stable geniuses’, but then turn around and make vulgar statements about other races, cultures and countries like Trump recently said about US immigrants from ‘****hole countries’, are actually THE people who are reprehensible, disrespectful and racist. Armenians shouldn’t get up in arms over this joke, it’s not directed at Armenians. It’s directed at Trump. Criticizing Noah or his writing team for this will make those Armenians who do look quite stupid. ANCA has over-reacted this time calling for ‘action’ on this matter. They didn’t think this one through.

    • Christine said:

      While you are right in explaining what Trevor was implying let’s really understand what happened. So Noah thought of this and he neded to name a group of people to make his point. Well, he couldn’t pick any other nationality, religious or other type of group simply because he knew it will not be tolerated. But wait there are Armenians. No one cares about them, they have no pride, community, no one to defend them. I can say about them anything I want and nothing will happen. Well let’s just pick them an call them filthy. If we let this happen it will happen again. I am by the way really sorry he said that. I really liked him. But we should not let this go silently. He should apologize.

  8. Paul S Nakian said:

    It is not funny to refer to any nationality with a dirty adjective, whether that nationality is Armenian, from Africa , from Poland or, for that matter, Ireland or Italy. It is simply not amusing and degrades the person who so states it and should offend all people who are subjected to such vindictive silliness.

  9. John-Emmanuel Shirajian said:

    The Bohemian Bourgeoisie that are masquerading as Liberals are a dogmatic and intellectually constipated segment of our society. Unfortunately for our democracy this segment monopolizes the media, an essential ingredient of power and control in modern society. In short they have power, corrupting power. They decided what is permissible and what is not regardless of truth, logic, morality or national interest. They are shallow, immoral and vulgar.
    Trevor Noah with his comment criticizing the President, comments against Central American Countries and African Countries, did not need to insult the Armenian survivors of the genocide to make a point. By adopting the same style of the President, he lost the moral ground to discuss the issue. Noah is incapable of understanding and appreciating sufficiently the disgust and suffering he generated to so many American-Armenians. He is another Bohemian Bourgeoisie who’s wit is not a substitute for intellectual vigor. It just exposed his intellectual constipation.

    John-Emmanuel Shirajian
    Vice President
    Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America

  10. Karine J. said:

    It seems misguided for Armenians, or those who profess to represent Armenians, to respond to this joke defensively. This petition left me more puzzled than enlightened. So I Googled “trevor noah Armenian January 8” and one of the first hits was to a site with an .AZ extension, which I quickly realized must stand for Azerbaijan because they were also misunderstanding the joke, and gloating over it.

    Reacting so strongly to the joke suggests that there could be truth in it. The show presumably thought Armenians were an esoteric and safe target because no one actually associates them with being filthy, in the same way that Borat could utter ridiculous slurs about Kazakhs, because anyone with any knowledge of Kazakhstan would know the insults in no way reflected Kazakhstan in reality. I looked up the Daily Show segment: Trevor Noah begins by noting that if someone insults you in a ridiculous way that you know to be untrue the smart thing to do is to ignore it and move on. Yes, that would be the smart thing.

    • State of Emergency said:

      Really and who besides you knows this? Do you really think the average viewer will interpret it as sarcasm? The average viewer will retain it subconsciously and only refer to it as a disparaging comment whenever the Armenian subject comes up.

  11. Donnarose Russian said:

    This Asbarez piece is an embarrassment to Armenians. I don’t watch the left-wing Daily Show, and think Trevor Noah’s an idiot. However, he in no way insulted Armenians. He was making a sarcastic comparison to Trump’s remarks with a satirical parallel. Anyone who is a native American English speaker knows this. Can we not join in with the rest of the disingenuous frauds who claim to be insulted at every harmless joke?

  12. Edward Demiraiakian said:

    Anti Armenian rethoric, Propaganda, rethoric seems to prevail among certain groups, and now again, a certain segment of the Jewish community is repeating history. I say that because these times, remind me of a certain time in history, middle eighteen hundreds, when an influential rabbii likened the Armenian community to the dreaded Amalekites. Probably currying favor with the Ottomans, these misguided Jews sowed the seed of the Anti armenian genocydes of 1895, 1909, 1915-23, 1935, 1956, etc. The Jewish comunity gained nothing from that, eccept a prelude, and training ground on what to do or what not to do when in the business of killing millions. The young leutenants and captains og the Vermacht and the Austrian Army, had ringside seats of the slaughter. The Ottoman Army and the various Kurdish irregulars, were so ineficient, disorganized, and unneccesarily cruel. Their Germanic sence of order and eficiency was offended. They were going to do it much better. And they showed the world in WW2 German -Austrian organization, efficiency. So now, we’re back to why are so many Jews and Jewish organizations, and Jewish businesses, treat us with contempt, hostility, and bad humor. ( remember “Weeds”). That’s not to overlook that the overwhelming Israeli and American Jewish inteligentia has aknowledged the Armenian experiance, and actively support and simpathise with our struggle. But the ones who actively oppose us are very powerful, influential and cruel. They are the ones giving Jews a bad name.

  13. Justin Varteresian said:

    This is completely asinine. You took his comment WAY out of context, and are trying to manufacture controversy from it.

  14. Sevak said:

    First please provide a video clip link of the content, and if true, all we want is an apology? Seriously?

  15. Hagop Jan said:

    Did everyone understand the “joke” he was trying to make? Did the ANCA analyze this “comedy sketch” before reacting? This is an honest question, I’m not being sarcastic. Because upon viewing the clip myself, “filthy Armenian” was not something he claimed that he thought randomly, but a phrase that in his view would be something Trump would say to show how tolerant he (Trump) is, insinuating that Trump contradicts himself that way: Trump: “I am a tolerant guy, just ask this filthy Armenian”. In other words, he is trying to attack Trump not Armenians. But I do agree it was a poor choice of words to make, and not funny. In fact, I am probably gonna get flak for this, but his phrase could even be interpreted as pro-Armenian in another sense.

  16. Yes said:

    It’s so sad to see people quickly refer to the genocide in response to a joke intended to support minorities – while ignoring all of the horribly racist comments on this board. It was bigotry that fueled the genocide not lack of ability to understand sarcasm.

    What have you done to help those who are being targeted by your rulers?

    And if you are a bigot/racist and evoke the genocide, then you are the worst kind of an opportunist.

  17. Azneve Brunsuzian said:

    trevor noah is guilty & filthy!
    he doesn’t deserve even his name to be written in capitals..
    He’s deliberately stated “filthy armenians” &
    most probably he’s been bribed by turkey or azerbaijan!
    If it were a joke, I wish he had said filthy mexicans,
    filthy azeris or filthy turks..
    Yes he should apologize & much moree..!
    Very good for youu ANCA & ABA, all the Bestt!
    We’d like to hear his apology & the Channel’s to All Armenians!