Artsakh Soldier Killed by Azerbaijani Shooting

Soldier killed
Artsakh soldier killed

Artsakh soldier killed

STEPANAKERT—A Private of the Artsakh Defense Army Narek Harutyunyan (b. 1998) was killed as a result of shooting from the Azerbaijani side at about 2:20 p.m. Monday, the Artsakh Defense Ministry reported.

Investigation into the details of the case is under way.

The Ministry said it shares the sorrow of the heavy loss and offered condolences to the family and friends of the soldier.


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  1. Antranik Soultanian said:

    They can investigate until the cows go home. The fact is Azeris are killing our soldiers any time they want . It is up to us to stop them or at least minimize the killings and make them think twice next time. Unfortunately our top brass are too busy making money. May our brave soldier R.I.P. May God Bless his family. I pray for them to have strength and courage to continue with every day life..

    • Ararat said:

      You neither stop them nor minimize the killings. You conduct a massive offensive and wipe them out. We need to give them another lesson like we gave them in 1994 but this time we must not leave the job unfinished. Do not give them a chance at ceasefire to live to fight another day but destroy them mercilessly and dump them into the Caspian. There is only one way to treat these motherless Azerbaijanis, former homeless Caucasian Muslim subhuman Tatars, and that is to turn their artificial state invented on occupied Armenian lands into our parking lot.

      • Raffi said:

        Talk is cheap, until Russia do not give the OK Armenia should avoid war, this is the lesser evil than going to war, the only thing the government can do is to take additional measures to protect their lives.

        • Ararat said:

          Yes Raffi talk is cheap indeed and that’s why the Armenian leadership must stop giving lip service and instead give these criminal Azeris another taste of the 1994 Liberation war. The more you remain passive and appease these pseudo-Turkish hyenas the more emboldened they will become. I have no doubt Artsakh forces alone have the capability to not only wipe out these motherless Azeri criminals from the line of contact altogether but to push deep into enemy artificial territory. We must use the victory in the last war as a blueprint in dealing with these racist subhumans. Remember, the less we ponder and the more action we take the more they will come to their senses. This was a physically and morally defeated fake nation back in 1994 and talked us into a ceasefire to survive to fight another day and we accepted. That was the biggest mistake we made. We should have finished them off. Russia will do what Russia does regardless because Russia is only concerned about its own self-interest.

  2. Vagharshak Sevulyan said:

    Antranik is correct Azeris killing our young boys one by one , get the lesson from Isreali soldiers , if Palestine kils on Isreal soldier , Isreali kils hundred of them , wake up Armenian Defense commanders and take action , fire to fire , these barbaric rejime just understand violent , never mind turn the other chick, your sons and your girls is not the one are dying. Get them before to late………………………..
    We are strong we can do better then that , answer is not bringing dead bodies home , revenge is sweet , I am peace loving person.