Netanyahu’s Son Says Turkey Guilty of Genocide

Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with  his son, Yair
Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with  his son, Yair

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) with his son, Yair

Support for Genocide bill mounts in the Israeli Knesset
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, took to Facebook to accuse Israel’s long-time ally Turkey of being guilty of committing the Armenian Genocide, not that two countries’ relations have been at their worst since Ankara expelled Israel’s ambassador after the latter attacked Palestinians in Gaza this week.

“Turkey, you are responsible for incredible atrocities and sufferings in Cyprus, actions against Greeks and Kurds, as well as the Armenian Genocide,” Yair Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page, saying that Turks are illegally occupying present-day Turkey, which was inhabited by Christians before their invasion.

Yair Netanyahu's Instagram post

Yair Netanyahu’s Instagram post

Yair Netanyahu also posted a graphic on his Instagram feed the simply said “F*#ck Turkey.” The prime minister’s associates called him a private citizens with not ties to the government, according to Haaretz.

Meanwhile, a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, introduced Wednesday by the Zionist Party is gaining momentum, with the Israeli press reporting that some 50 of the 120 in the Israeli legislature—the Knesset—voicing support for its passage.

The bill was submitted following Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements against Israel, and has received endorsements from Likud, Zionist Camp, Habayit Hayehudi, Meretz, and Shas parties in the Knesset.

Zionist Party Knesset member ItzikShmuli’s bill states that the Knesset will officially recognize the Armenian genocide and will mark it on a special annual day. In addition, the bill seeks that Israel also officially recognize the massacre of the Assyrian population, which was also perpetrated by the Turks during the First World War. Some 300,000 were killed by the Turks in that massacre.


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  1. Mike Sarian said:

    Bravo and respect to him and I hope he get his dad to do the same!

  2. Jack Gregory said:

    Congratulations to Yair, he called it just what it is. Now maybe Trump can take a clue and do the same in the USA.
    It is long overdue for the US government to declare that Turkey committed Genocide of the Armenians. I have grandparents and uncles and aunts all perished in the Genocide and I cannot ever be comfortable until Turkey is brought to justice.

  3. State of Emergency said:

    This isn’t going to go well with Bibi unless, and of course, it’s just another clever ruse to manipulate Turkey. Besides, does anyone know the relationship between father and son?

  4. hye said:

    I guess Armenian Genocide is one of the biggest weapons of Israel against Turkey. It seems like every country(Russia, Israel, U.S) is using the Armenian Genocide Button when they need leverage over Turkey. I think it’ll be beneficial for Turkey to accept the Genocide and to return some land to Armenians for Armenians to create an independent Western Armenia.

  5. hurach said:

    We d’ont need their rcogniction which they use only like a poker player !!!

  6. Ads said:

    That’s very good Yair. Not forgetting between 1921 and 1923 about 4 ,000,000 TURKISH citizens with Greek roots were either expelled , ethnically cleansed , or murdered. That’s the Greek genocide in Turkey. Largely , Turkey got away with this and the Assyrian and Armenian genocides , perhaps through weak media in those times. I guess the Ottoman Turks were better behaved than the the more modern Turks.That’s a shame , I would like to see them being more friendly with their neighbours.

  7. aziz said:

    sirely hay tadi hantznakhoump . bedke heroo mnank ays vortodadatz khntzoren.