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Garen Yegparian
Garen Yegparian

Garen Yegparian


Thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), in the field of elections, it seems the United states and the Republic of Armenia are going in opposite directions (hence the minus sign in the title), the former getting worse and the latter on the cusp of changes for the better.

But interestingly, even the bad practices are inverted in that one, the U.S., has sectors of society who want to steal elections by REDUCING the voting population unjustly, while the other, the RoA, has been rigging elections by artificially INFLATING the number of people who allegedly voted! (hence the inverse in the title).

The case is named Husted vs. A. Philip Randolph Institute, and the Court ruled 5-4 that the State of Ohio COULD purge its voter rolls.

What does it mean to purge voter rolls?

People who register to vote but do not participate in elections for some period of time (even if they voted initially), or for other reasons specified by law, become “inactive” voters. In California, for example, such people stop receiving election materials, but can show up and vote simply by confirming their address. They never cease being eligible to vote. What this SCOTUS decision does is to enable states such as Ohio, to throw people off the voter lists. They can lose their eligibility to vote and have to start all over and register anew. They are not informed this has been done to them, so if they show up to vote, they are denied that fundamental democratic right.

Why do some states want to do this to their citizens? What would they lose if these people were kept on the voter lists? It’s no more work or cost to the state to keep them on. In fact, it takes time to compile the names of these voters and remove them!

The real concern is partisan, not civic. It is not a state that has a vested interest in eliminating voters. Rather, it is a party, The Republican Party. Its platform and the current president who stands for the worst elements of it, are so unpalatable to an ever-growing majority of citizens that party leaders know they are doomed in the long run. Their support base is either dying off or being repulsed by what they see. Plus, demographic changes are working against the Republicans. So, they are trying to stave off the inevitable by reducing the number of those eligible voters who are likely to vote against them, hence the urge to purge.

This is not only bad for people and democracy in the U.S., but all over the world since authoritarian leaders can now point mockingly to the U.S. and contend that it doesn’t practice what it preaches to the rest of the world.

Write your state and federal representatives to let them know you want to increase, not decrease, voter options and interest in the coming years.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    Going the opposite direction only if you’re a flaming liberal. Otherwise, it’s on the right track preserving the values that made the US the most prosperous, strongest, and gracious country in the history of the world.

  2. Armen M (yeah that one) said:

    “Its platform and the current president who stands for the worst elements of it, are so unpalatable to an ever-growing majority of citizens that party leaders know they are doomed in the long run.” What a deliciously silly argument given that Trump won the state in question (Ohio) by 8% and 500,000 votes. I’m sure if those 500K disenfranchised Democrats had voted it would all be different!

  3. Hagop said:

    Socialist Garen Yegparian fails to mention how the Democratic party is GIVING VOTING RIGHTS TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS so they vote for Democrats. Garen Yegparian has no problem trucking in MS-13 GANG MEMBERS to California to KILL, rape, and rob ARMENIANS. California already gives ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Medi-Cal (free health insurance), schooling (free education, free grants, free tuition), transportation (free drivers licenses)…..all “FREE” but none of it is free. Legal citizens of the USA in California are paying for all of this (YEGPARIAN’S HIGHEST TAXES IN CALIFORNIA).

    Democrats were the SLAVE PARTY who lynched black people.
    Democrats were the RACISTS who kept black kids out of schools.
    Democrats were the SEGREGATIONISTS who kept blacks separated from whites on buses and in restaurants.

    Garen Yegparian is anti-Armenian family values and traditions. Garen Yegparian and his Democratic party support
    *killing Armenian babies (abortion)
    *killing Armenian businesses (high taxes)
    *killing the Armenian Church (taking away religious freedom from Christians)
    *killing Armenian marriages (support gay & LGBT)
    *killing Armenians (taking away guns for self defense)


  4. ronnie said:

    There is no pill to fix what you have Garen.
    Stop fighting it and move to Venezuela ,your dream land, where all your values have long been put into practice. Mas Burro said you can drive his old bus and take his old route as long as you fill it with useful idiots like you.