‘To Speak of Loss of Territory is Absurd,’ Says Pashinyan

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during the Facebook live broadcast.
Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during the Facebook live broadcast.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during the Facebook live broadcast.

YEREVAN–During one of his regular Facebook Live posts, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday said any discussion of loss of Armenian territory is absurd and dispelled rumors being circulated by Azerbaijan that its army has made advances in Nakhichevan.

“Azerbaijan has not seized any important slopes. Such an incident has never taken place,” said Pashinyan who was responding to a question from a Facebook user. The Prime Minister said the positions that the Azerbaijani Army controls are the same positions that they have controlled all along.

He explained that Azerbaijan was disseminating false information, pointing to statement last week from Baku claiming that the Azerbaijani Army is now in control of the road to Lachin, a lie that is being perpetuated by the Azerbaijani government.

“How do you expect anyone to make territorial advances without firing a shot,” said Pashinyan to illustrate his point.

Pashinyan also said that since his election the instances of ceasefire violations have decreased, adding, however, that there has unfortunately been loss of life.

Pashinyan said that there are some mobilizations of Azerbaijani troops on the frontline, and this mobilization sometimes grows, sometimes declines. Regardless, there are movements on the frontline. Some tensions can be observed on the Nakhichevan border as well.

“Regarding the possibility of war, my assessment and approaches are that we should be ready for such developments at any moment,” Pashinyan said. “After being elected Prime Minister, my first order was that every second and every minute we have to be vigilant. I would not say we have an unknown situation; we are quite familiar with this situation.”

Pashinyan noted that the Armenian side will not launch any military attacks and pointed to the continued military rhetoric emanating from Baku He expressed hope that the Azerbaijani leadership will understand that the Karabakh conflict has no military resolution because an armed conflict would lead to unavoidable consequences.

“If Azerbaijanis think that they will bypass those consequences, I think one shouldn’t lead any country to such trials,” Pashinyan said.


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  1. State of Emergency said:

    Stop being a victim and start acting aggressively. If Russia is a true ally then have them give you military as well as political cover to act like a biting dog. Otherwise, you’re always going to be on the run from one incident to the other trying to find some sort of quick fix.

  2. ARA said:

    Well said. Shirt to kill our enemy. Azeris r evil like the ancestors. Let them go near me and we blow them to pieces. QED. If anything we will claim all land back to Vaju. Thier ugliness will go

  3. Bob Yoder said:

    Perhaps, if war breaks out as it did just 2 years ago, Armenia will treat it as the war that it really is.

  4. Alven said:

    Why not ask the united states for military assistance? Strengthening military ties can gain an advantage against the idea of attack from Azerbaijan. With an anti-Muslim president I am sure something can work out.