Jailed Ex-General’s Wife Arrested

Nazik Amiryan, the wife of ex-general Manvel Grigoryan, was arrested Wednesday
Nazik Amiryan, the wife of ex-general Manvel Grigoryan, was arrested Wednesday

Nazik Amiryan, the wife of ex-general Manvel Grigoryan, was arrested Wednesday

YEREVAN—Nazik Amiryan, the wife of ex-general Manvel Grigoryan, was arrested Wednesday two days after an arrest warrant was issued by law-enforcement bodies.

Grigoryan was arrested and charged with grand theft and illegal possession of weapons. The National Security Service of Armenia released a video of raids on Grigoryan’s properties in and around Etchmiadzin showing stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, as well as canned goods slated to be delivered to soldiers fighting the 2016 April War, with some accompanied by letters written by kindergarten and school children.

On June 19, Armenia’s parliament stripped Grigoryan of his immunity and voted in favor of prosecuting him with corruption.

Armenia’s Special Investigative Service (SIS), which is conducting the high-profile inquiry, decided on Amiryan, explaining that two days after the Grigoryan’s arrest the police impounded two trucks filled with canned goods also earmarked for soldiers and military personnel.

According to an SIS statement, the truck drivers told police that Amiryan instructed them on June 16, the day of Grigoryan’s arrest, to urgently transport the food from the headquarters of the Yerkrapah Union of Karabakh war veterans, which was chaired by Grigoryan, to other locations.

Grigoryan’s son and Amiryan’s step-son, Karen Grigoryan, was the mayor Etchmiadzin, but resigned a day after his father’s arrest. He was charged Friday with aiding and abetting the ex-general in misappropriating three vans that were donated to the military by an Armenian Diaspora organization in Russia in 2016. He was not arrested but was made to sign a pledge to not leave the country.


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  1. Serop said:

    It just simply does not register in my brain HOW these vile people could keep food, medicine & other essential goods from our soliders who are giving their lives for our nation.
    What psychopath would keep letters written by children for front line soliders?
    This so called hero & his wife along with his son who somehow was mayor should be jailed and then investigations should take place with the rest of the Dwen of Thieves like Kocharyan & Sargissyan and their cronies

  2. Victoria Markarian said:

    Is it any surprise that the whole family of a corrupt official should be involved in his rotten doings? It breaks your heart to think that he was keeping supplies and food from men fighting our battles. Please, new government in Armenia, keep up the war against corruption. Clean up our Hayastan so that it has a real future as a nation, and allow it to grow and thrive so that those who were forced to leave to make a living can come back and live truly as Armenians!

  3. Ari said:

    The Armenian Mafia at work in homeland. This is how the Soviet Era remnants have been bleeding the country and why the country is not moving towards prosperity.

  4. GB said:

    If we had fewer traitors, we could have saved some of our lost Armenian Highlands, and we were not a landlocked country surrounded with vicious enemies!