The Revolution Must Succeed

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee chairwoman Dr. Carmen Ohanian addressing the rally

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee chairwoman Dr. Carmen Ohanian addressing the rally

On August 17 a group of Armenian-Americans gathered in front of Glendale City Hall for a rally to mark and support Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s 100 days in office. Among the speakers at the event was Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee chairwoman Dr. Carmen Ohanian who proclaimed that “The revolution must succeed.” Below is the English translation of Ohanian’s message.

In the name of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee I salute and congratulate the government that was born from the Velvet Revolution and its Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on their first 100 days.

Now has come that historic opportunity to create a new Armenia.

An Armenia, where the rule of law protects all its citizens’ rights equally.

An Armenia without monopolies.

An Armenia with fair and democratic systems.

An Armenia where every Armenian will live with dignity.

An Armenia filled with social and economic successes and stable development.

A strong Armenia where the security and territorial integrity of the homeland and Artsakhwill be deemed unwavering principles.

The Revolution must succeed and that difficult task must not only rest on the shoulders of the Armenian government. It must succeed through cooperation by every single Armenian and Armenian organization and by using our entire potential and through the marshaling of our collective potential.

In the Diaspora, we all play a role in ensuring the success of the Revolution. Together, by putting to work all our capabilities, we must become that force that strengthens our homeland.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation today is part of the new government of Armenia, in order to have its input in the success of this government and the Revolution, in the name of the aspirations of the Armenian people.

In Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and the Diaspora, the ARF will do its utmost to assist the new government of Armenia.

The ARF believes that the success or failure of the government will rest on all of us.

The Revolution must success because it was born from the soul of the people and for the people. The Revolution put to rest years of hopelessness and sowed seeds of hope in our fields.

The Revolution cannot be reversed. The Revolution must succeed and the Armenian people must prove that they are the guardians of their destiny … They are the guardians of their country.


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  1. Masis said:

    This is all well and good. But how does ARF comment on Hrant Markarian’s embarrassing and asinine interview regarding support of Kocharian? If he represents any element of your party, you ought to rebuke his stance if indeed what you say is true. He was so elusive and vague in his responses that one can’t help but believe ARF has no purpose or principles, but merely supports whoever or whatever it thinks has a chance to regain power in order to become allied with the governing person or body to be. Please establish an identity other than “a supporter of whoever wins.”

  2. Norin said:

    This should not have been read in front of Glendale City Hall. It should have been read in front of various ARF headquarters across the globe. Thus far, the ARF created a coalition with the Republican Party, took Serj Sargisyan side until the last minute before flip flopping to PM Pashinyan side when the momentum changed, then the ARF went against state NSS investigations and sided with Robert Kocharyan in order to get him released from custody while having ARF members be signatories in demand letters for Kocharyan’s release. Why is this being read in City Hal? The common Armenian already knows all this, it’s why PM Pashinyan is in power, because the people already know all this and brought about change!! It’s the cronies in the ARF that need reminding! Their behavior the last 3 months was the political death nail for the ARF, the people will remember with their vote come the next election cycle exactly who did what when Pashinyan was walking bloodied and during his first 100 days in office. Sorry ARFers, your days in the political arena of Armenia are coming to an end because of your own crionism, nepotism, and lack of consideration for the people when push came to shove. The ARF is a dying carcass, it just doesn’t know it yet.

    • Vram said:

      Let’s be honest and admit the realities! Is Pashinyan in power because of the ARF’s deeds and positions or because Serzh Sargsyan left office to prevent a possible bloodshed similar to March 1st, or even on a larger scale, which could have jeopardized not only Armenia’s but Artsakh’s security and stability? Also, can anyone explain how “the people (…) brought about change”? By blocking the streets and government buildings? And while at it, someone please explain how a prime minister (REGARDLESS who it may be) can be considered “legitimate” while the body politic –the National Assembly– that voted for him is still being considered “illegitimate” and the “legitimate”ly voted prime minister meets with the head of the “illegitimate” Speaker of the Assembly? Doesn’t that, by and in itself, legitimize the National Assembly? If so, why there is an outcry for new elections?

  3. vartan said:

    This is in contrast with geraguyn marmin of ARF , what is going on Markarian is out of touch with Armenian people and reality in Armenia ,and spurk, his is damaging and destroying ARF all over the world . this is sad , really sad .

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