Anti-Armenian Lobbyist Arrested in Yerevan

Kemal Oksuz, a pro-Azeri lobbyist was arrested by Armenian police on Thursday

Kemal Oksuz, a pro-Azeri lobbyist was arrested by Armenian police on Thursday

YEREVAN—Police in Armenia, in cooperation with Interpol, have detained Turkish national Kevin Oksuz wanted by the United States law-enforcement bodies.

Oskus established a company in Armenia to start business. On August 23, Kevin Oksuz was declared internationally wanted on charges of perjury by falsifying and submitting false statements to the Ethics Committee of the House of Representatives.

“Armenian Police and Interpol cooperation to help the U.S. bring Mr. Oksuz to justice is a welcome development,” said ANCA Communications Director Elizabeth Chouldjian.  “Exhaustive investigations by the Office of Congressional Ethics —  released in 2015 following ANCA grassroots pressure and public calls by watchdog groups — revealed that non-profits led by Mr. Oksuz had funneled over $750,000 in State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) funds to illegally pay for Congressional junkets to Baku.  We look forward to Mr. Oksuz and his patrons in the Azerbaijani government to be held accountable for the full extent of their foreign manipulation of the US political system.”

Oksuz was the president of a nonprofit organization of Turkish Americans and Eurasians, which aimed at establishing close relations between Turks and Americans by organizing trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2013 he invited several US Congressmen to Azerbaijan and Turkey for a private visit. He submitted false documents to the Ethics Committee, noting that the organization never received financing from any source either directly or indirectly.

However, it has now been revealed that the organization actually didn’t pay for all expenses and received additional financing, including from SOCAR Oil Company belonging to the Azerbaijani government.

It has also been revealed that nine Members of Congress and 32 staff members received gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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  1. Mgl said:

    how many enemies like this we have Armenia?
    How anout arresting people who allow him to open buz in Armenia? Wow.

  2. JJ said:

    This is a welcome and long overdue development indeed!!!
    Can you imagine the damage this guy could have caused ?
    He was not establishing “business” in Yerevan to promote garni gegart after all …
    I’m just back from Yerevan ( today) and all I can say the city is full of shady characters from all over the world .
    By chance , I overheard allots of Turkish conversation, many were supposed “ Iranians “ …
    my main concern to locals there was that this sort of situation in a country at war is prone with security concerns …
    Yerevan is becoming to eager and willing destination for all sorts of people and it seems everything and anything is available for sale . Locals are not mindful of this specific concern … the safety , security and international espionage concern!!!
    As I speak Turkish and at times interact on Facebook with people who are interested in Armenian affairs from turkey or the hay Dat issues … I came to notice that Turkish government is promoting the so called “islamized Armenia’s” subject and to an extent it’s an artificially created one to abort the hay dat and to weaken the traditional Armenian community of Istanbul… there are individuals who are very active in diaspora and in Armenia that claim to be “Hamshen “ or “ islamized Armenians “ and are carriying out the orders of Turkish government…
    some Armenians are being to eager , sentimental and emotional about this subject and tend to believe anything they are presented with …
    button line , both in Armenia and in diaspora We need to be very cautious and alert about security and safety of our country and Armenian interests in general …

    • mgl said:

      Totally agreed. Some idiots need to be reminded that there are enemies around.

  3. Bambeloni said:

    Probably the weirdest story of the year! Anti-Armenian lobbyist trying to hide in Armenia! The sad part of this story is that he is only a pawn being sacrificed. The main culprit is Socar which paid for the trip, very well aware of what they are paying for. Basically, the Azerbaijan government trying to deceive US congress. But they will blame this guy for everything and close the case.

    • FresnoArmenian said:

      CIA and NATO support the Gulen movement. Although this latest dipping Kemal Oksuz was a mice feature after the “velvet revolution”
      Across the USA the Gulen movement is embedded in our communities with publicly funded schools and layers of non-profits. One of the non profits under investigation in California is Pacifica Institute. They brought SOCAR officials to California State capitol and hosted a diner with then Senator Huff. 2 of their schools have shut down for financial mismanagement.
      Bay Tech charter school is under investigation, principal resigned left the country with $450,000 and used the schools credit card to charge $30,000 of Apple electronics.
      Learn more about Kemal Oksuz here

      Learn more about Gulen charter schools here

  4. vartan said:

    Howcome this s.o.b. is opening office in Armenia, how gave him the permission, I know Armenian officials are corrupted and inept. but this is beyond belief . your enemy is active under your noise.

    • FresnoArmenian said:

      Kemal Oksuz had lots of cash on him when he fled the USA. Unfortunately like America some Armenians are weak for bribes. Especially poor people – the Gulen movement is very manipulative this way and grabbing someone’s weaknesses like Dennis Hastwrts weakness for young boys. The worst part is the billions taken from American public education then laundered into their layers of fake non profits. Kemal Oksuz coming back to the USA and giving testimony would be key to taking down this theft of American educational money via their 178 publicly funded charter schools. They had american help shame on American traitors.

  5. A.Napetian said:

    .Good news, the bad news is that the main source of these Barberians is still alive and doing barbarianism against Cyprians, Kurda, Syririans, Armenians, like always through the history, it’s the Barbarian Satan that must be enihilated. That would be the real good news . Amen

  6. Varouj said:

    So the real question is what was his underlying motive to be in Armenia, there has to be something there that needs to be investigated

    • FresnoArmenian said:

      CIA and NATO is all over Armenia they facilitated Kemal Oksuz as part of their Gladio operations. You need to read Dr. Paul Williams book Operation Gladio. It mentions Gulen project and the Grey Wolves. Excellent book understanding the history of the heroin drug trade.

    • AnArmenian said:

      Use the rope on the turncoat Armenians so desperate for business they started allowing terrorist nation of Qatar flights into Armenia, the same Qatar that helped to finance the death of our Syrian brothers and Sisters. Armenians are poor and now are vulnerable to these terrorist dollars thrown in their faces., Since the Qatar airlines has been able to fly into Armenia, it’s a favorite place for prostitution, and other activity., oh how the arab muslims love taking advantage of Christians especially the women., to them all the Armenians are good for is corruption.

  7. michael said:

    And perhaps the U.S. political recipients of that patronage to be “held accountable” . You think ?