Arrested Pro-Azeri Lobbyist Registered Company in Armenia in 2017

Kemal "Kevin" Oksuz
Kemal "Kevin" Oksuz

Kemal “Kevin” Oksuz

A pro-Azerbaijani lobbyist Kemal “Kevin” Oksuz, who is wanted by the United States and was arrested Wednesday in Yerevan, registered a business in Armenia in September 2017, records obtained by Armenpress indicated.

Armenia’s State Police, working with Interpol, arrested Oksuz on Wednesday. On Friday, prosecutors filed a motion to remand him.

In 2017, the State Registry of Armenia registered The Sena Group, listing Oksuz as its director. According to the company’s website, the business is a full-service tourism company providing tours, organizing conference and special events in Armenia.

Armenia's State Registry granted Oksuz a business license in September 2017

Armenia’s State Registry granted Oksuz a business license in September 2017

Ashot Aharonyan, a police spokesperson told Armenpress on Friday that Oksuz is still in Armenia, but did not release any other details, including whether he will be extradited to the U.S., where he is deemed a fugitive and wanted for perjury and falsifying documents.

The police said, in a statement issued Thursday, that Oksuz was under the law enforcement radar since the first day he was declared to be a wanted by the U.S. on August 23.

“The Armenian Diaspora is powerful and it is doing a very good job. The Azerbaijani Diaspora is nothing. They only waste money on lobbying, but they fail to achieve anything. When a resolution on recognizing the Armenian Genocide reached the US Congress, the Turks begin working against it. They call and organize meetings. I too have done a similar thing, because I didn’t believe [in the genocide],” Oksuz reportedly told Yerevan police during his interrogation.

Before rearing his head in Armenia, Oksuz, a Turkish-born U.S. citizen, was engaged in lobbying for Turkey and Azerbaijan, most notoriously planning a 2013 for American lawmakers in Baku, in partnership with the state-run SOCAR oil company, which secretly funneled $750,000 to a non-profit group allegedly run by Oksuz.

“The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic, known as SOCAR, allegedly funneled $750,000 through nonprofit corporations based in the United States to conceal the source of the funding for the conference,” reported the Washington Post in 2015, citing a 70-page report by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), an independent investigative arm of the US House of Representatives.

The “Vision for the Future” event in Baku was attended by ten members of US Congress, their spouses, state legislators from 42 states and 32 staffers.

In reporting the arrest, the Turkish press said Oksuz’s brother, Adil, is linked to Fethullah Gulen, the Islamic cleric who is accused by Turkey for masterminding the 2016 coup.


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  1. AnArmenian said:

    Kemal has made millions off of his ventures with the Gulen Crime Syndicate. When he fled the USA after pleading the 5th to US House Ethics Committee – he reportedly had lots of cash. The State Registry of Armenia should be investigated for taking any bribe money for Kemal’s business registration. Kemal’s long term CIA and NATO ties no doubt helped to facilitate his entry into Armenia, during the internal soft velvet coup – no doubt Kemal worked on the inside to destablize Armenia luckily it never turned violent but it did achieve part of the goals of NATO/ CIA –
    Kemal should be returned to USA to be questioned for the money laundering of Azeribaijan money to his fake Gulen NGOs, in California there group is Pacifica Insttitute and they had a lot of local politicians and community leaders in their spider web of deceit. The Gulen crime syndicate is valed at $50 billion mostly from infiltrating communities throughout the USA with their publicly funded charter schools then taping into businesses, self dealings, land scams, bonds and grants. 20 of their schools have been raided by the FBI for abuse of E Rate grants.
    In California 2 of their schools have shuttered, they have 11 Magnolia Science Academies that are troubled and rife with controversy. In Oakland, their school Bay Tech Charter School is currently under investigation, 3 weeks ago the principal resigned and embezzled $450,000 there is school credit card abuse and other large infractions.

  2. Ani said:

    Unbelievable story! They did not even know that he was in Armenia and doing what?He could be a terrorist, or spy, and no one knew about him. Terrible situation and also sad.How vulnerable is safety in our homeland.

  3. Norin said:

    How did this imbecile get into the country? Which Armenians worked with him? There more to this story…

    • Tebi Baku said:

      Funny, it’s at 5010 Williamsburg Blvd, Arlington, VA 22207. They are now trying to rent in for $6,000 per month. Presumably his relatives in the neighborhood are perhaps handling it?

  4. Edward Demian said:

    More likely, he is an example of Turkish feeble minded efforts at espionage against Armenia. Travel agencies get easy access to just about everywhere. Vigilance is very important. A guy like that could easily organize a bus load of Islamic tourists.

  5. Onnik Kiremitlian said:

    This incident shows that intelligence and counter intelligence is very weak in Armenia. As the Armenian saying goes, the previous authorities were sleeping in donkey’s ear (Իշու ականջը քուն էին մտած). Very pathetic!