Shushi Liberation 28th Anniversary


On May 9, 1992, the heroic forces of Artsakh liberated the Shushi.

To mark this momentous anniversary, Yerkir Media aired a special broadcast beginning on Friday evening local time dedicated to the historic victory and featuring segments that detail the history of Armenia’s ancient capital and bring to life some of the heroes who were instrumental in the liberation movement.

The battle to liberate Shushi was not only a turning point in the Karabakh Liberation Movement but has been also considered as one of the most unique military operations of modern times. During this battle the Nagorno-Karabakh Self Defense Forces flawlessly enacted a plan that ousted Azerbaijanis from the city, from where they were incessantly and savagely bombing civilian targets in the capital of Stepanakert.

The liberation of Shushi also paved the way for the liberation of the strategically important region of Lachin, now known as Berdzor, creating the critically vital corridor between Artsakh and Armenia. It also hastened Artsakh’s victory in the war, which would last another two years until a cease-fire agreement was signed between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan and mediated by Russia and Armenia.

The decisive victory 28 years ago has fueled the drive and commitment of the Armenian Nation to continue to strengthen Artsakh and has emboldened the young men who are standing tall at the front-lines and protecting our borders, fully aware that they are risking their lives for the survival of our homeland.


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  1. sylva portoian,MD said:

    Shushi’s Beautiful Wedding Day (May 9, 1992)

    Life & Fight

    To live in this life
    You must fight
    Each minute in your life
    Yes, if you want to live
    You must fight …

    Looking at Blue Sky
    Avoid looking dawn
    But praise the Martyrs
    Who saved your lands
    To keep you alive …

    Yes, you must fight
    You must fight
    With every cell in your heart
    Hence united with every astrocyte
    In your brain cells…

    You must never stop
    If you stop one second
    You will lose your life
    And your populaces…

    Thus your land will be in Tataric hands …
    To torture and slave you the way they meant to do
    Fight at the last second in your life
    And live in the memory of your faith…

    With your ancient gods…
    Anahit, Vahakin, with the rest…
    Singing Gomidasian songs …
    And dancing with your friends …

    Written instantly
    May 9, 2020