Manoukian Criticizes Ter Petrosyan Statemen’s at Press Conference

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)–A meeting of former presidential candidate Vazgen Manoukian with journalists Tuesday focused on the analysis and commen’s on the Friday news conference by Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Manoukian said he believed that Ter-Petrosyan’s news conference contained a harmful and dangerous ideology for the Armenian people.

"We all realize the importance of the Karabakh issue and the need to resolve it on the basis of compromise–however his speech was devoted not to compromises–but to a surrender. It is contra-indicated to this man not only to govern the country but to be the leader of any other collective as well. It is necessary to urge him to resign–I think we’ll be able to resolve our issues ourselves," he said.

The statemen’s made by Ter-Petrosyan may result in Azerbaijan’s tougher position on the given stage of the negotiating process–Manoukian stressed. "I consider it a treason when one of the sides shows its cards and weak points during negotiations," Manoukian commented.

This is not the first year that an attempt is being made to drive a wedge in the relations between Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia. He mentioned that it was a lie that troubles of the people had been caused by the unsolved Karabakh conflict. The implication is as follows: give up Karabakh and we will be living happily–for our life is never going to improve as long as the Karabakh conflict remains unsolved. In that aspect it is surprising that Ter-Petrosyan’s brothers and many of his associates–who couldn’t dream of purchasing a "Zaparozhets" car–now have "Mercedes" –build dachas–set up new companies. I wonder why this problem does not trouble them but does trouble our people?"–he exclaimed.

According to the NDU leader–the solution to the Karabakh issue calls for much time. It is necessary to solve problems of refugees–territories–Karabakh’s status–however any haste in solving the issue may result in its deepening–Manoukian maintained.

Responding to the Ter-Petrosyan’s doubts that a normal state is ever going to be built–Manoukian said that it was Levon Ter-Petrosyan who was one of the active destroyers of it.

"All elections in Armenia have been held through violence orchestrated by Ter-Petrosyan himself. All those actions are aimed at realizing personal interests."

Manoukian pointed out that no foreign investment would be able to resolve the current numerous problems if the country remains a morbid one with morbid society and without any seeds of development. The NDU leader also referred to the diaspora. He suggested that Ter-Petrosyan had spoken about the diaspora on the level of a dilettante; probably one has to explain to him that dual-citizenship law is not dangerous to our people." The root is not in the dual-citizenship law–but in the mistrust of the population to the army and the government," Manoukian said.

According to him–Armenian Revolutionary Federation is the most organized Diasporan’structure–so rejecting it will by no means promote the strengthening of ties between Armenia and the diaspora. He described the current relations between Armenia and the diaspora as complicated.


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