NJ Senate Candidate Corzine on Armenian Issues

MONTVALE–NJ–Democratic Senate Candidate Jon Corzine staked out a strong position on official US recognition of the Armenian Genocide today–confirming his standing as a friend of New Jersey’s large and vibrant Armenian community and setting the stage for his service in the US Senate as a strong advocate on Armenian American issues.

In a statement released recently–the New Jersey businessman described the failure of the United States to officially recognize this crime against humanity as a "lapse in our record as a champion of human rights that should be corrected." He added that–"The time has come for all governmen’s and political leaders to recognize this crime against humanity."

"Jon Corzine has spoken passionately on the Armenian Genocide–calling for official US recognition of the Genocide and pledging to work for this humane cause," said Armenian Americans for Jon Corzine Committee Chairman Paul B. Kazarian.

"I have known Jon personally and professionally for almost two decades. He is a great American and will be an effective leader for both New Jersey and our country. Jon is certainly the clear choice for New Jersey’s Armenian American voters. He will support Armenian as an important ally of the United States and as a focal point for capitol investment and commercial relationships. As a US Senator–he will be an influential voice for increasing assistance to Armenia and a champion of peace for Armenia–Nagorno Karabakh and the region. Jon will build a strong–lasting relationship with our community," he added

Commenting on the strong bonds between Armenian Americans and New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation–Committee Spokesman Kenneth Sarajian said–"Jon Corzine will serve us in the proud tradition of so many of our good friends in Congress–like Senator Bob Torricelli–Armenian Caucus Co-Chairman Frank Pallone–and Representatives Steve Rothman–Bob Menendez–Robert Andrews–and Rush Holt.

The complete text of the statement from Jon Corzine:

New Jersey is home to many Armenia’s–and following the lead taken by Congressmen’such as Frank Pallone and Steve Rothman–I will represent your interests in Congress. Many of you have heard about my plans to ensure that every American has access to health care–to a quality education–to ensure that guns are kept out of the wrong hands–and to fight for equal access and opportunity for all. All of these plans are of importance to Armenian Americans–but there are some issues I would like to address that are of a particular concern to the Armenian community.

April 24th this year marked the 85th anniversary of a tragic event in history–the Armenian Genocide. Between 1915 and 1923–1.5 million Armenia’s were brutally killed and many more were forced out of their homeland and into exile. The survivors of the Genocide and their descendants that live in the USA have done great work in ensuring that the memory of the victims lives on–and maintaining the proud heritage of the Armenian people. Yet the United States still does not officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. I believe that this lapse in our record as a champion of human rights should be corrected. The time has come for all governmen’s and political leaders to recognize this crime against humanity.

I am fully committed to bringing a permanent end to tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan. To help bring economic stability to the region–I support continued aid to Armenia and targeted funds to restore Armenia’s religious and historic legacy.

In the Senate–I will support a Code of Conduct on US arms sales abroad. This measure would bar military assistance to governmen’s unless the President certifies that they are a democracy–do no commit human rights abuses and are not engaged in acts of aggressions in violations of international law.

These measures–I believe–will help the Armenian people now and restore the respect for the history of Armenia that it deserved. Like so many Democrats representing New Jersey before me–I hope to build a strong lasting relationship with Armenian Community.

Visit the Jon Corzine for US Senate 2000 website at www.VoteCorzine.org.


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