Museum of Vazgen Sargsian Inaugurated in Ararat

YEREVAN (ARMENPRESS)–Last year the government of Armenia made a decision to open a museum in honor of Vazgen Sargsian–who was assassinated during the terrorist attack of October 27–1999 at the Parliament building.

On March 5–on the 43rd anniversary of Vazgen Sargsian’s birth–in the Ararat region–the museum of Sparapet was inaugurated. Next to the museum building is a statue of Sargsian.

Prime-Minister Andranik Margarian congratulated those present at the inaugurating of the museum and on behalf of the Republican party promised to realize the programs that Sargsian had planned on implementing.

Former Russian Defense Minister Pavel Grachjov–who was also present at the inauguration–stated that Sargsian was a great leader.

After the inauguration–those present visited the tomb of Vazgen Sargsian at the "Yerablur" pantheon.

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