ARF Eastern Western Central Committee Issue Announcement

A recently disclosed committee to promote Armeno-Turkish dialogue–known as the "Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission," claims to encourage mutual understanding and good will between Turks and Armenia’s–as well as to promote improved relations between Armenia and Turkey.

This so-called "reconciliation commission" is comprised of Turks who are outspoken in their Anti-Armenian sentimen’s and denial of the Armenian Genocide–and of Armenia’s–who are members of the Armenian National Movement and the Armenian Assembly of America. The aforementioned groups do not have any representational base and are mistrusted by the overwhelming majority of the Armenian nation. Apparently–while Armenian Genocide recognition efforts were being actively pursued in the US Congress just a few months ago–the Chairman of the Board of the Armenian Assembly of America was involved in "reconciliation" talks with Turkish representatives who continue to deny the Armenian Genocide.

It is not clear how the members of this secretive "reconciliation" group were selected–how such costly efforts are being financed–and which forces were instrumental in bringing it to life.

Unfortunately–through participation in this initiative–which apparently has the support of the US State Department–these two Armenian groups have become the tools of Turkey’s propaganda machine.

The goal of this undertaking is to create an artificial atmosphere of Turkish-Armenian "reconciliation" in an effort to circumvent Turkey’s obligations toward Armenia and the Armenian people.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is not opposed–in principle–to dialogue between neighboring nations and states as part of an effort to resolve disputes. But we oppose any initiative imposed by external forces that does not stem from Armenian interests–comprised of individuals who have no right or mandate to speak on behalf of the Armenia nation.

Without recognition of the Armenian Genocide–without the complete lifting of the illegal blockade of Armenia–and without an impartial stance on the Nagorno Karabakh negotiations–Turkey should not even consider the existence of an Armeno-Turkish dialogue. With the advent of this "commission," Turkey is not only trampling the above mentioned obligations toward the Armenian people–but–presenting itself as a friendly nation–is attempting to pave the way for its participation in the Nagorno Karabakh peace process.

The ARF Eastern and Western United States Central Committees and their ran’s hereby declare–that they will continue pursuing the recognition of the Armenian Genocide as a primary and indisputable political priority of the Armenian community in the United States. We completely oppose this so-called "Armeno-Turkish reconciliation" effort–which–in final analysis–serves only Turkey’s interests.

August 2–2001

ARF Western United States Central Committee

ARF Eastern United States Central Committee


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