‘Our Indignation Toward You’ Leaflets Appear

YEREVAN (A-Info)–Leaflets titled "Our Indignation Toward You" were plastered overnight on the walls of numerous government and public buildings in the cities of Akhalkalak and Ninotsminda in Georgia–and discovered in the morning of September 24.

Issued in apparent protest over the escalation of anti-Armenian Georgian state policies toward the native Armenian inhabitants–the leaflet reads–in part–as follows:

"In the latter decades–and particularly in post-Soviet years–the threat of destruction has loomed over the Armenia’s of Javakhk. For years that threat was expressed under the guise of the [Soviet] slogan–’friendship of fraternal peoples,’ but it now has taken on a different nature. This time–the threat is in the form of policies carried out in the region by the great powers; unprincipled–cowardly–and treacherous Georgian officials; economic difficulties; the resettlement of Meskhet Turks; and–again–’the centuries-old brotherhood of the Armenian and Georgian nations.’

"Enough of fooling ourselves and others. We know well whose interests are served by the policies and practices you implement today–and where those plans for ‘Georgia’s salvation,’ offered up by you false ‘patriots,’ have been hatched. How quickly you forget your history!

"Merely two centuries ago you were welcoming the two-headed eagle [Tsarist Russia] with open arms; now you give yourselves over with even greater fervor tothe crescent moon [Turkey]."

The leaflet also states–"We caution you–false ‘brothers’ (wolves in sheep’s clothing)–that the proud and noble people of Javakhk–despite the continuing anti-Armenian and chauvinistic policies of the Georgian government–stand firm on their historical land."

The statement ends with the following admonition: "We–the Avengers of Javakhk–will no longer tolerate any anti-Armenian act by the chauvinistic Georgian authorities–and our response will be powerful and won’t miss its mark. We warn you for the last time: Be judicious and prudent; leave the land of Javakhk alone. If you have forgotten–henceforth remember and understand: Javakhk is its own master and has its own defenders. And if you do not understand–blame only yourselves."


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