ARF Armenia Declaration on Endorsement

Armenia is on the eve of a crucial event–presidential elections. Political forces must clarify their positions and present to the public–their values and how they view the country’s development in coming years–and to whom they entrust the top office of the country.

Elections are not only a right–but also a great responsibility before the state–the people of Armenia and all Armenia’s around the globe.

Discussing the presidential election with this responsibility in mind–the ARF Armenia Convention declares:

– With the 1998 change of power–a new political course was established that was different from the previous one not only because of its approach to the NKR problem–but also because of new adopted principles based on state and national interests and values–both domestically and internationally;

– A balanced foreign policy raised national issues in the international arena with dignity–stressing the independence of Armenian statehood; based on national interests–new approaches to the Diaspora have become state policy;

– Thanks to thoughtful and critical actions aimed at maintaining stability in the country–society avoided the tragic turmoil of past years;

– These first steps to improve political and government systems raise hopes that the process of democratization will be ensured and civil society will be established;

– Positive developmen’s in the economy–new jobs–prospects of salary increases for the population-at large–the rate of restoration in the disaster zone–and generally increasing construction–are signs that the extremely tense social situation is improving;

– What has been done–however–is not enough for the establishment of a fair socio-economic society. It is critical to carry out an organized fight against corruption and black economy–and to ensure that the product of economic growth is distributed equally so that social polarization is decreased.

Taking these realities into account–as well as analyzing the experience of the past five years–assessing objective and subjective factors influencing political and economic processes,

ARF Armenia Supreme Congress establishes:

Despite the internal and external difficulties and numerous unresolved problems–the course adopted in 1998 has been properly chosen. It is essential to continue this course in a united fashion–making it irreversible. Otherwise the country will regress and the population will undergo dangerous tribulations.

Once again establishing our responsibility:

To stress our determination to bring about undivided participation in creating a powerful and just organized social state; to ensure a dignified life for people; to maintain the stability of the country; to attach great importance to conducting free–fair and transparent elections; to stress the existence of common positions between the ARF and the incumbent president on the key issues; to provide momentum to positive revelations in the country–and to fight against detrimental elemen’s,

The ARF Armenia Convention: Endorses Robert Kocharian in the upcoming presidential elections

ARF Armenia Convention


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