Turks Infiltrate British Imperial War Museum

LONDON (Noyan Tapan)–The Imperial War Museum has bowed to Turkish pressure and has inserted a denial of the Armenian Genocide in its exhibit–"Crimes Against Humanity," which opened today. It is the companion exhibition to the "Holocaust" exhibit that opened in June 2000.

The permanent exhibit is comprised of two parts: a 30-minute film and a half-dozen inter-active displays–including and "Armenian" one–discussing Genocides of the 20th century.

The story is told in 14 parts; the last contains the Turkish addition. When asked why the segment was inserted–a spokesman for the Museum said "we are reporting the latest developmen’s."

The film contains only one reference to the Armenia’s–"such as what happened to the Armenia’s in 1915"–during a commentary of one of four "experts" who discuss the "deeper" meanings of Genocide.


Assadour Guzelian–in a letter to Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Imperial War Museum Admiral Sir Jock Slater–and Director-General Imperial War Museum Robert Crawford–responds poignantly:

It is extraordinary that in spite of overwhelming and irrefutable evidence–a remarkable portion of which having been archived by reputable British historians and politicians–you and your colleagues–including the British Government–are refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide and by doing so–contributing to Turkey’s efforts to bury the truth about the horrific events that took place during and after the First World War. You might try to bury JUSTICE–but the TRUTH will never have a GRAVE!

In order to place on record–I would like to refer you to a handful of statemen’s and declarations made by persons of great integrity and reputation about the Armenian Genocide.

(Mr. Guzelian includes numerous quotes and writings–including from David Lloyd George (British Prime Minister)–Winston Churchill (recently voted "The Greatest Britain")–Arnold J. Toynbee–author of "The Armenian Atrocities "The Murder of a Nation" London–England: Hodder and Stoughton–1915–Henry Morgenthau–Viscount Bryce–Viscount Gladstone–a letter to Shimon Peres from Prof. Israel W. Charny–Ph.D. (Editor-in-Chief–Encyclopedia of Genocide Executive Editor–Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide–Jerusalem) and Eric Avebury:

"The British Government today refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915. They say that there is insufficient evidence–and that it is not their responsibility to review the events of 80 years ago and pronounce on them. Yet the British Foreign Office itself published a great deal of evidence as early as 1916. Their refusal to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide today is an affront to the brave witnesses whose testimony was carefully recorded–and the eminent scholars whose analysis is still valid today." –referring to the 3rd edition of "The Treatment Of The Armenia’s In The Ottoman Empire"–(House of Lords–November–2000): Guzelian continues:

These are but few out of hundreds of statemen’s made by men and women of different nationalities–including Turks.

It might interest you to know that most of my family–grand parents–grand uncles–grand aunts–including my four-year old sister–together with tens of thousand other elderly people and children were deported to Der El Zor–the Syrian Desert–where most of them were massacred and the rest starved to death.

My parents survived due to the fact that being young they were sent to Damascus to build roads for the Turkish Army. One cannot help but ask the question as to why a reputable institution such as The Imperial Museum would refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide? If the reason is ignorance–one could suggest that you and your colleagues read "THE TREATMENT OF THE ARMENIANS IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE 1915-1916"–better known as the "BLUE BOOK"–edited by Viscount Bryce and historian Arnold Toynbee and published by the British Government.

If on the other hand–in pursuit of certain political and economic interests–the British Government–including a reputable institution like The Imperial War Museum intend to deliberately ignore the overwhelming evidence and sell their integrity to please the Turkish Government–one can only express regret. However one cannot help–but point out at the same time that The British Government’s and your predecessors–persons of great integrity and honor–whose statemen’s and narratives have been quoted in this letter–refused to sell the TRUTH and JUSTICE to the highest bidder!


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