Noah?s Ark: Myth or Reality

RUSSIAN EXPEDITION ON ARARAT MOUNTAINS (Pravda)–Based on results of aero and space photography that reveal some sort of wooden construction in the glacier on the top of the Ararat mountain–a Russian expedition led by Andrey Polyakov–visited the region where Noah’s Ark might have been situated on Mount Ararat.

The Neizvestnaya Planeta (Unknown Planet) TV company organized and financed the four member expedition team–along with two TV camera men and two journalists.

Before ascending Ararat–the team visited its foothills that are connected to the legend of Noah’s Ark.

Polyakov says that ancient Armenia’s used unusually huge plates engraved with crosses as gravestones. In fact–he says–archeologists have discovered such plates in the Mediterranean Sea–which substituted as anchor stones for ships centuries ago. But at the bottom of Mount Ararat–the expedition discovered stones 1.5-2 times larger. The finding–he says–supposes that the ship using the anchor stones was much larger than usual.

When asked whether he actually saw the ark–Polyakov explains that–in fact–the expedition found a huge construction of fossilized wood resembling a yacht–with a deck the size of a football field–and that the largest of anchor stones discovered were not at the site of the wood. The number of stones discovered–he states–are great enough to presume that there might have been an entire flotilla of ships.

The wooden object–supposed to be Noah’s Ark–was not on Mount Ararat–but 30 kilometers away. He says that even the Bible states the ark moored not to Mount Ararat–but to the Ararat mountains.

Kurds living in the region say that an earthquake rocked the area in 1948; witnesses reveal that with the shocks of the quake–the ship was squeezed out from under the surface.

Polyakov reveals that the body of the ark is divided in two parts by a piece of rock. It towers about two meters above the surface–and the rest of the body is concealed. "But we need the opinion of researchers to prove that it is actually Noah’s Ark," he says.

"My opinion is that the ark must look like a submarine. A vessel resembling a yacht would have turned upside-down during a flood. Ancient Shumers have a description of the ark; according to the description–a model resembling a submarine was made in then 16th century," says Polyakov.

To put an end to the search for Noah’s Ark–Polyakov points out that additional research must be conducted–and that he plans to organize an international expedition next year. "Turks–Armenia’s–Americans–and Russia’s will ascend Mount Ararat from four sides–allowing for detailed findings–and perhaps dispelling all myths concerning Noah’s Ark," he explains.

As Mount Ararat is a volcanic mountain that emits high levels of gas–three members of the expedition suffered high-altitude sickness. One was hit with the sickness when he conquered the peak–and stopped recognizing others around him.

"So–there is a scientific explanation as to why many expeditions failed to achieve success on Ararat," concludes Polyakov.


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