In response to last week’s Skeptik Sinikian column–we received a flurry of varied comment from readers. Some dubbed Skeptic a "crude cynic? a misanthrope," while others commended his "insightful view of the truth." We share some of these below. Dear Skeptik, Your essay on Reagan was brilliant (as carried on Asbarez on-line). Be prepared for the brickbats. Avedis K. London Dear Asbarez Editors– I am both shocked and disgusted by the column that you published on your June 11 on-line edition. (The End of and Era? Not Even Close). I have neither the time nor the patience to address the many factual errors that "Skeptic" lauds [sic] regarding the economic boom that our country experienced during the 1980s; nor do I have the energy to address the libelous claim that President Reagan in any way contributed to the loss of "thousands of lives" in Africa. The person who writes this column personifies everything that President Reagan was not: a crude cynic–and a misanthrope by nature. This is–perhaps–why Skeptic is so confused by the outpouring of grief and affection. The people of this country are optimistic by nature–and President Reagan reminded us of that. Despite the venom that Skeptic spews–I think Armenian Americans need to be reminded that we share many qualities with our former President–optimism–courage of conviction–and the belief that our best days are–indeed–ahead. Aram Z. Washington DC Dear Skeptik, If I weren’t working 12 hour days–with no access to personal email–I’d send Asbarez a letter to the editor about this last article. (By the way–the one two weeks ago was too long I didn’t even finish reading it). Reagan was the man–and nobody cared about AIDS back then; don’t blame Reagan for that. Asbarez is turning into a pinko rag and Skeptik is leading the way. That’s it for now. Anonymous Dear Editors. Reading Skeptik Sinikian didn’t liberate my brain; it only made we wonder why such an article received space in your paper (an entire 3rd page). If I want to read Liberal rhetoric–I can go to the LA Times–NY Times–etc. At least some of their writers have more credibility.

I’m a conservative American Armenian; however–I don’t mind reading opposing ideas or criticism of conservative views or leaders–as long as they are well thought out and intellectual.

It disappoints me to see that Asbarez would give an entire third page to an article written by an individual who seems to lack respect for anything that America or the Americans have accomplished–since he/she doesn’t care for the last three presidents. For some people–Ronald Reagan was a great president–and for some he wasn’t; however–that does not diminish the fact that he served America–the country that gives all mankind the freedom to live and worship as they please–and gives protection to its citizen–no matter where they came from (including us Armenia’s).

I’m a new subscriber to your paper and was pleased to see you had an English written section so that I could keep abreast of the news relating to my heritage. I don’t need to refer to your paper for anti-Bush–anti-right wing views–nor I would like to see anti-Kerry or anti-left wing views–because such viewpoints bring about hatred and anger.

I will give your paper a few more issues in case I have misunderstood your viewpoints. Anonymous Dear Asbarez, The article by Skeptik Sinikian is a low point for the Asbarez–and an unfortunate waste of my time reading a drive by writer without credential or support of his contentions. Thanks but no thanks for the superficial writing. Anonymous Dear Skeptik, I am a big fan of your writing–and your articles on Groong via Asbarez. After reading "The End of An Era? Not Even Close–I was compelled to write to let you know how much I appreciate your articles. Given all the media coverage/hype about the funeral–it is refreshing to see your insightful view of the truth.

I do not have a party affiliation–and simply vote for people who will do better for our country. It’s unfortunate to see how people are just not aware of the truth. In conversations–I often use ideas from your articles to enlighten others. Occasionally–I also print out your articles and pass them along to friends and family. I knew that Ken Khachikian had written speeches for Reagan but had forgotten; thanks for reminding me.

I am surprised by the great the contributions Armenian-Americans have made to America–given the lack of numbers. I guess that is an Armenian trademark. Best Regards, Steve S. Dear Asbarez Thanks you so much for this article–I know an Armenian guy who took off from work Friday to watch the extravaganza on TV–ALL DAY LONG.

Think of the waste of time. Thank you again. Garo A.


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