Letter to Editor

By Zareh Mouradkhanian

The following is in response to Raffi Arzouhaldjian’s article "On the Eve of the 90th–Anti-Turkism should not Equal Patriotic Armenianism" (Asbarez–April 9–2005).

Had Raffi Arzouhaldjian read Nairi Mekerdithcian’s article "Oh The Star Became Meteor," (Asbarez Armenian language–April 6–2005)–he would have known that Armenian youth organizations–including the Nigol Aghbalian Youth Union–protested against inviting Filip Kirkorov to perform in Yerevan because of his tasteless songs and uncivilized conduct with a women reporter a few years ago–which was widely criticized in Russia. Since then–his popularity has sunk in Russia–Ukraine–and other Slovic countries.

The students of Armenia did not protest against Kirkorov just because he sings Turkish songs. There are some beautiful Turkish songs sung by quality singers in Armenia. Kirkorov’s concert didn’t materialize–however–because of his lack of moral character.

Arzouhaldjian writes–"This Turkophobic phenomenon exhibited by Armenian youth in Yerevan today is very similar to the worrisome anti-Armenian intolerance that is being practiced in both Turkey and Azerbaijan." This comparison is way out of proportion. A few examples of intolerance: Some fifteen years ago–30,000 Armenia’s were massacred in the northern refinery town of Sumgait–north of Baku–and some 400,000 Armenia’s fled for their life. During Azerbaijan’s imposed war on Karabagh–some 50,000 Azeris–mostly living in Shushi–were helped to leave the province by the Armenia’s. During a NATO sponsored program in Budapest–an Azeri officer beheaded a fellow Armenian classmate with axe while he slept. The Azeri murderer was declared a hero in Baku.

There are logical reasons for Armenia’s–in general–to be anti-Turkish. Some 400,000 Armenia’s were killed in 1894 by Sultan Hamid. Then in 1915–the young Turks planned a systematic massacre of Armenia’s in our homelands. The Turks and Azeris have no such logical reasons to be anti-Armenian.

The only fault of Armenia’s was wanting to preserve their culture and youth.

Finally–some clarifications regarding Filip Kirkorov’s character: He doesn’t just deny being Armenian–rather–says he is ashamed of being Armenian.

Cursing and being impolite in daily life–as reported in Russian newspapers is not behavior that should be promoted in Armenian society. It is simply unacceptable that someone who void of character and taste–and is ashamed of being Armenian–to make money in Yerevan.


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