A few weeks ago I urged Asbarez readers (and anyone who was interested) to pick up the September issue of Vanity Fair and read it from cover to cover minus the Gucci and Swarovski crystal advertisemen’s. A few people did and they caught on very quickly to the article I was hoping they’d catch–"An Inconvenient Patriot" by David Rose. The article is an eye opening and–what I feel–an honest look at tangled web of deception that runs through the fabric of American politics–Turkey-US relations–and the struggle to have the United States Department to acknowledge the historical facts of the Armenian genocide and force Turkey to make amen’s for their barbarity. If you still haven’t read it–go pick up a copy today. It’s the issue with Greek starlet Jennifer Anniston on the cover. (Yes–Anniston is Greek. Her godfather is another Greek Hollywood legend–actor Teli Savalas of "Kojak" fame. This random fact was brought to you by Skeptik Sinikian Collection of Random Facts–"We help make the awkward momen’s seem less awkward and more random").

OK–back to the brass tacks. After reading the Vanity Fair article–I felt as though an atomic bomb had just been dropped on me and not because it was the 60th anniversary of the Atomic Bomb leveling Hiroshima and Nagasaki either. Here’s the gist of the Vanity Fair A-bomb for those who still aren’t convinced that an article that references Armenia’s and a feature on super-hottie and Greek starlet Jennifer Anniston is worth the $4.95 for this issue. Uber-investigative journalist David Rose writes about former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds accuses the FBI of covering up improper contacts and financial dealings between Turkish nationals and House Speaker Dennis "Denny Boy" Hastert’s office. ("Denny Boy" is apparently what Turkish nationals and their agents called the most powerful man in Congress as a pet name–cue childish giggles in three?two?one).

So there you have it. The Turks are bribing American Congressmen at the highest levels to deny the Armenian genocide and literally get away with murder. I wasn’t surprised that this was happening as much as I was surprised that the American public was hearing about it through a major and I mean M-A-J-O-R publication like Vanity Fair. It was like tuning into that show where celebrities compete to lose weight and finding out that the fat Baldwin brother is on there. You don’t know how it happened or when–but you’re completely not surprised yet at the same time–there’s that shock of "Wow–how does a Baldwin sink that low?"

Anyway–the point is that Americans in beauty salons and doctor/dentist reception rooms around the country may be flipping to the article–pausing after seeing Sibel Edmond’s statuesque profile and reading the article to discover that not only are our public officials misleading us–but they are leading us astray with Turkish drug money. In fact–I’m going to say Turkish drug money a few more times so that anytime anyone does an internet Google search on Turkish drug money–this article in Asbarez pops up explaining how Turkish drug money corrupted some top American politicians who took Turkish drug money as bribes to deny the wanton massacre of innocent Armenian women and children. Did I mention there was Turkish drug money involved? Turkish drug money.

But you want to know what will come of all this? That’s an excellent question but it’s one to which I don’t have an answer. I’ve only begun doing research into this extraordinary story which was only recently revealed to me much to my surprise. I personally don’t think that Denny Boy Hastert will be kicked out of his position in the House of Representatives. There are only two things that will ruin a politician’s career in Washington–DC–being caught with a live boy or a dead girl. Denny Boy’s guilty of hording away Turkish drug money while endangering our national security but nothing else.

The reality of it is the following: If our allies in Congress–the Schiffs–Shermans–Knollenbergs–Pallones–Radanoviches–Rothmans–and others–really have a backbone and care about the fleecing of the American public–then they will go head to head with the leadership of both parties–the Attorney General and even the President and Vice President and call for a hearing to bring all of these facts to light. If the Turks did indeed bribe staffers–military officials and high profile Congressmen–then we as a public have a right to know. I want to see the Speaker and FBI leadership testifying in front of the lights and cameras just like the which hunt they launched on Billy Boy Clinton for wagging a cigar at an intern. There you have it. I’ve dropped the gauntlet and we’ll see if any of our "friends" in Congress pick up on this challenge. I believe Americans would want to know if there’s any truth to Turkish drug money influencing our foreign policy.

Did I mention that there’s Turkish drug money involved here?

That’s all for this week. We’ll pick up this train of thought next week and I have a few choice words for Senator Bob Dole’s blindside attack of Armenia’s government and protection of national treasures.

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