G_d?s Wrath*

By Garen Yegparian

Earthquakes–tsunamis–hurricanes–floods–and high gas prices- all increasing in frequency?

See what we have wrought? We have angered the Almighty by transgressing against His laws.

And now we are reaping the whirlwind of G_d’s wrath.

We have despoiled and degraded Creation. Water and air–intelligently designed to sustain us–now poison us. The land–where it has not been defiled with outrageous construction is rendered too toxic to much of life through our use of pesticides–herbicides–or outright industrial dumping.

We have initiated a period of unparalleled extinctions–the ultimate insult to the Creator–and severely limited the range of the plants and animals He intended us to be the stewards of.

In the more specifically human realm we have engaged in numerous transgressions against the Decalogue.

We have sanctioned murder–mass-murder actually–by engaging in needless–unprovoked warfare and the legitimation of the death penalty- think of Texas alone–where some 200 descendants of Adam and Eve–created in His image–have been put to death over the last decade.

We have lied–deceived–and distorted–as when it comes to genocide and preventing or atoning for it.

We have been covetous and greedy. We allow people to work all seven days of the week with very little recompense. We allow the needy to suffer. And all this we do and legitimize through our laws and societal systems.

Worse still–much of this is done in the Lord’s name as when men of the cloth such as Rev. Jerry Falwell after the September 11 attacks and Rev. Pat Robertson recently regarding policy towards Venezuela’s president advocate opinions and approaches in direct contravention of His love and dictates.

Finally–we have disregarded the sage advice of our wise scientists who–using their G_d given intellect have warned against the dire consequences of our planet destroying actions.

If you were the one true G_d–wouldn’t you demonstrate your ire–particularly by smiting those people and areas who have committed the worst sins?

* This article was conceived before hurricane Katrina struck.


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