Baroness Cox Presents Julfa Monument Desecration at House of Lords

YEREVAN (Armenpress)–Deputy Speaker of the British House of Lords Baroness Caroline Cox told a press conference in Yerevan Tuesday that she has presented the ongoing desecration of Armenian monumen’s in Julfa (Nakhichevan) to the House of Lords–outlining that Azerbaijan systematically has destroyed 1000 such landmarks.

During her presentation–Cox has demanded that the British government to exert pressure on Azerbaijan to allow international monitors and experts to visit the area to become acquainted with the situation.

"What Azerbaijan is doing is a horrible crime. I will do my utmost to inform people about that and tell the world the truth," said Cox.

Azeri army units stormed an Armenian cemetery along the banks of the Arax River in December–and with large hammers–shovels and tractors destroyed Armenian monumen’s–which had been salvaged in 2002.

Cox also told journalists that Karabakh Armenia’s have the right to determine their future.

Answering a question about her visions for Karabakh’s future–the Baroness stated–"I cannot advise what to do; the people themselves should decide what is the most important thing for them" and added she was ready to support any action–which could lead to the conflict settlement and secure peaceful life.

According to Baroness Cox–who has repeatedly been to the conflict area both during the war and after the cease-fire–Azerbaijan was the major aggressor in the Karabakh conflict and committed serious crimes against human rights.

Perpetrating ethnic cleansing of the Armenia’s in Karabakh was a crime against humanity–the Baroness said.