A Tightening Noose?

There seems to be a rising swell of instability, that ispotential for war, surrounding the Republic of Armenia. Obviously, there’s Azerbaijan’s incessant saber-rattling to the East.Alone, this might be ignorable and merely another sign of just how pathetically weak the Aliyev statelet truly is. Now add Georgia’s recent chest-thumping challenge to Russia.You gotta wonder if Mr. Rose Revolution (Saakashvili) is off his rocker, having Russian military arrested!And this, soon after his rhetoric about retaking the "breakaway" republics dotting the Russian-Georgian border.But he probably is quite sane.Rather, he’s likely being duped by some lunatic in the Bush regime promising him support against Russia.Georgia is accusing Armenia of having a role in this mess.Regardless, this translates into problems to RofA’s North. What is truly worrisome is that thanks to the Neo-Cons’ adventures in Iraq, Armenia’s South and West flanks may also become inflamed soon.In fact, Armenia might even get dragged in, here’s how. This is based on "Iran and Turkey Prepare for War in Iraqi Kurdistan", a piece appearing on the website DEBKAfile, dated September 24.(http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=1214)It seems to be an Israeli site.Citing both public and unnamed sources, the article posits coordinated action by Turkey and Iran.They are purportedly preparing to invade Iraqi Kurdistan under the guise of stopping Kurdish attacks on their territory.Meanwhile, Turkey gets Kirkuk’s oil, and Iran an important foothold and the opportunity to eliminate Israeli posts and trainers allegedly operating there.The article also references a map appearing in an unnamed "semi-official American military publication" which labeled parts of Armenia and Turkey as Kurdistan. Imagine this kind of encounter.Where would the Kurds run?Only one escape exists, into Armenia.Then what would our republic’s response be? Clearly, none of Armenia’s neighbors are happy.Neither is D.C. since any Turk-Iranian operation would severely complicate the realization of the Neo-Con men’s next wet dream invading Iran.And this foul mood may infect Armenia, just as strides forward are being made in the country. Whether intentional or not, it seems there’s a tightening noose around Armenia’s throat.It all started with the idiotic American invasion of Iraq and its attendant destabilization.Once again, we’re in a situation of "when elephants rumble, it’s the ants that get squashed" (or however that saying goes exactly). What’re we to do?In the US, a change to Democratic control of the House and/or Senate after the November 7 election might give everyone pause, worldwide, and buy time.In Armenia, it may be time to go on a simultaneous ferocious diplomatic offensive and armamen’s purchasing spree.


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