Buffoon’s Bungling’s Backlash

What happens when you pretend molehills are mountains and mountains are the barest of ripples in a tarn? Ask the Shrub. Leader of the free world, hah! That incompetent has allowed one of the least appropriate regimes on the planet to develop nucular (sic) weapons. Dubya and his Neo-con-men came into office with predetermined objectives and perspectives. These were untested and simply, unrealistic. But through brute force, they foisted these policies on a public and planet that was unprepared to believe the United States of America could engage in such folly. So Afghanistan was invaded then forgotten, all for the sake of attacking Iraq, one of the countries this bunch of political morons was dead set on invading. Despite now being tied down in two wars with no easily targetable enemy, the Bushies have been looking for a way to invade Iran, another on their hit list. Ultimately, time, treasure, and attention are all limited in quantity. Prioritization becomes necessary. Even the U.S. and its leadership can’t allocate the requisite energy to every problem/crisis on the planet. So, lesser or non-issues such as Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela get artificially elevated to earth-shattering crisis levels. Meanwhile, real problems, the likes of Israel/Palestine, Darfur, Lebanon last Summer and now, even Artsakh, and especially North Korea all effectively get ignored. They fester to the point of North Korea detonating a nuclear device, and that White-House-dwelling buffoon still refuses to engage in direct talks. An observation I recently heard is that the incompetents currently in charge of US diplomacy understand it to be a reward for "good behavior" not, as someone else quipped, the art of letting someone else have your own way. This wanton disregard for reality on Earth as it exists is escalating tensions and problems worldwide, most obviously in the Middle East, where the oil is. But because of its proximity to Armenia and the unresolved status of Artzakh, we are very susceptible to the coming backlash against the current U.S. regime’s imperial modus operandi. Let’s brace for this by making Armenia indispensable in one or more arenas to all its neighbors, including Turkey.


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