Is He Talking to Us?

I really wondered whether Sam Harris, in his Letter to a Christian Nation, was addressing Armenia’s. We certainly do make loud and proud pronouncemen’s about being the first Christian nation. Most of that is bereft of substance though. I know of only relatively small percentage of Armenia’s who are serious in their Christianity. Much of what passes for faith among us often seems more like superstition. Not that were exceptional, many adherents to other Christian denominations also take the CYA, just in case approach to faith and religion. An excellent example of this artificiality is the e-mail I received just a few minutes ago. It was one of those read this, then send it on to a bjilliion people and youll get your wishes granted messages. But, in this case, it was a prayer that included all the supplicants friends, including the one that sent the message. The enticement? Sending it on assured that others would be praying for you. How phony! But I digress. Harris analysis is blistering and logical. While addressed primarily to the whack jobs who bequeathed us George Bush, he also challenges moderate believers. He draws parallels among all religions. And we could probably learn a few things from his analysis. The examples he cites from the Bible are chilling. The circularity of accepting the Good Book as the basis of ones own morality is elegantly exposed (though this is nothing new). Very interesting is his unapologetic counterpositioning of science and religion as irreconcilable, despite efforts, many in recent years, to demonstrate how the two can/do coexist and are not mutually exclusive. While the Armenian Apostolic Church serves far more than the propagation of Christianity, there are those among its flock who would degrade that to a strictly religious job description. That mindset underlies the activities of those Armenia’s who are taken in by the fundamentalist sects of Christianity who then turn around and, for all intents and purposes, attack our national institution on the grounds of deviation from Christianity. You might remember Ive mentioned these destructive creatures before for their essentially anti-Armenian, anti-national, anti-common sense approaches. This last group of people might profit most by reading Letter, unless of course they are so blinded by their fervor that all reason and logic has left them. Its a very quick read, a whopping 95 pages of childrens book sized print. Everyone reading it would probably see things in a different light. Do yourself a favor, pick up the book.


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