Irritants V

The list of things wreaking havoc with my nerves seems to be accumulating more rapidly. Perhaps its a sign of age. It is certainly a sign that another in this series of articles is due. And always remember, Hell is other people. The first of todays, however, contradicts the above dictum. Its self-inflicted. It happens that after submitting articles, and usually well after deadlines or seeing it in print, I remember a point I omitted. Not that the article cant stand without the missing notion, but it would have been just a bit better with It happened again in last weeks Heinous Formality, (see 5/11/07) so Ill correct that one. I had wanted to note that people who most cling to formality and rigid rules of social interaction seem to be those who are closest to our agrarian, non-urban societies. I mean this temporally, generationally. They appear to be afraid of being associated with some imagined thing they deem beneath them, you know those revolting peasants who have no manners or couth. Or perhaps they fear being recognized for what they really are Then we have the mental pygmies who inhabit many offices that interact with the public. In this case, I needed a ticket to a departmental graduation where my sister-in-law was getting her PhD. It was one more than her allotted quota. Since this happened to be at my alma mater, I contacted Alumni Relations, requesting what turned out to be more difficult than access to a U.S. president. Alumni Relations doesnt handle these things, I was informed, but I was referred to the department with a contact name. She couldnt do it and her supervisor was to call me. The latter did not. I was running out of time because I had been very patient through this whole process. I called the next day, and was admonished by this supervisor that she was very busy. Hmmm, so thats why she wastes even more of her and her staffs time by making me, and presumably others, call repeatedly. Anyway, she wouldnt grant me this passage to heaven, insisting that the graduate herself had to make the request. Finally it was all done. But, why was the grief necessary? Of course, I shouldnt forget the delay in traveling to the East Coast for the graduation. I was catching a red-eye, 11:30 pm-ish. Can anyone explain to me why at an airport like LAX, a major airline has to wait for a plane, 737, to arrive before it turns around and goes back? Why couldnt we have been put on some other plane. Its not as though dozens of departures are occurring at that time of night. I was at a wedding some time ago and was chided by the groom Asee shoorch bar cheh (this is not a circle dance). You can imagine my surprise since Arabic music was playing at that moment and most celebran’s, probably ignorant of our shoorch bar steps, were busy pseudo-belly dancing or pretending to be airplanes. Then we have word from the street that people are afraid to send kids to demonstrations. Why? Because they used to burn flags, and other such concerns. How dare anyone take actions at a demonstration, gosh, whoever heard of such absurdity? So, the moms come along. Suits me. The turnout ends up being better. Let me repeat that number again. I want to request for. Huh? The notion of repeat includes again as the notion of request includes the for. Im sure you can extend this list by several. And, to be sure, this is not a mistake made just by Armenia’s. Lets not forget, now that local election season is over, to mention all those who have no business running for office but who choose to do so anyway. Ive discussed the local level losers and spoilers many times, but the disease of ego that drives incompetents to run for office reaches right up to presidential races. Can you imagine, the ethically challenged Rep. Duncan Hunter running for that position? And just in case you harbored doubts about how things work with him, his son is running for the congressional seat hes vacating Mongo-maison-mania, a little known disease, afflicts the poor of taste, nouveaux-riche, and many of our compatriots. It has only one symptom the desire to have a house that competes with Versailles, situated on a lot best suited for a shack. Not only are these health and environmental disasters they suck up much more in resources to construct and maintain than is necessary for decent human’shelter and discourage kids and adults from going outdoors to play and get exercise but they usually are visual nightmares and economic dinosaurs in the making. The latter point comes from a piece in the paper I saw some time ago regarding this fad of ever larger houses. The author compared them to the huge Victorian homes built a century ago that now languish in the worst parts of towns and are often divided into apartmen’s. Combined with the increasing cost of maintaining space you barely even use, you see why they make no sense. Picture this. A woman is DWS, driving while smoking. OK, no problem, its her right. Shes driving a Prius. Isnt there a disconnect there? Another quickie: A Turkish judge postponed Hrant Dink murder trial to June 14. Why? His death was not officially registered in Turkey yet. How dead do you have to be? Somewhat analogous to Genocide denial, wouldnt you say? Our favorite Governator Schwarzenegger is moving prisoners out of state. Im discussing convicted criminals. In California, not only is this possibly illegal/unconstitutional because farming out state duties is prohibited, but it is flat out inhumane. Think of the families and friends who want to visit. Now, before you get your iron fist on, think of how youd feel if Hampig Sassounian was moved out of state. Its also politically devious. Most of the states and areas accepting such prisoner populations and allowing prisons to be built are in the so-called red states, the ones leaning Republican. So what? you blurt out. Well, those prisoners count during the census. They also are not allowed to vote. So, when its time for the decennial reapportionment of congressional seats among the states, guess which ones get more and guess which way that skews the partisan balance in D.C. Aaah, the Museum of Tolerance, a paragon of rectitude and human rights. Wrong. You all know what they HAVENT done regarding the Armenian Genocide. You remember the AYF hunger strike and other efforts. You might even remember their inviting denier Stanford Shaw to speak (on the eve of LAs 1992 riots) and not canceling him until the last minute, with snide remarks about some people not realizing what theyd be missing. Theyre even reputed to be in Israels right wing Likud partys camp another reminder of why right wing politics hurts Armenian interests. All this is nothing compared to the temerity of the museum soliciting money from Armenia’s. I get such mailers periodically. The shamelessness is mind-boggling. Finally, I AM NOT SKEPTIK SINIKIAN. The guy/gal hardly writes any more, and I still get accused of being that author. Sheesh, whats everybody thinking, that I have even less of a life than its actual pathetic state? Go ahead, you write an article, see how little time it takes. Then imagine doing two each week.


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