SpitRain Award


You’ve all heard the Armenian saying, “He/she’s so shameless, if you spit on his/her face, he/she’ll think it’s rain”. The spirit of this saying is whence the award’s name emanates.
So I’m not rude, let me graciously offer my profound gratitude to those who inspired this first-time award. I suspect there’ll be many future winners, and some may receive it multiple times.
Last week Genocide denier Richard E. Hoagland’s ambassadorial nomination was finally withdrawn, a year overdue. Naturally, the Armenian Assembly (AA) dutifully put out one of its myriad press releases. Of course it was very short. How could it be otherwise?
The AA had basically supported appointing the denier, resorting to verbal contortions justifying its position and actions. I’d written about this six months ago. Is it coincidence that despite my being on their e-mail list previously, I haven’t received anything from the Assembly lately? I suspect it might be petty retribution emanating from the “truth hurts” quadrant. Fortunately, there are decent folks out there who convey this kind of information to me. Thank you.
Now that others’ efforts to nix such an abominable appointment had borne fruit, it was time to take credit. But the shamelessness doesn’t end there. Here’s the entire text of the release:

“Earlier today, sources within both the Administration and Congress confirmed the withdrawal of Richard Hoagland’s nomination as America’s next Ambassador to Armenia.
Should this withdrawal indicate that the next nominee to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Armenia’shall properly acknowledge and characterize the Armenian Genocide, then this is a positive development.
Hoagland was nominated by the Administration to replace Ambassador John M. Evans, who was rebuked by State Department officials, but commended by the Assembly for having publicly affirmed the Armenian Genocide.
The Armenian Assembly will continue to work towards the full and universal affirmation of the Armenian Genocide.
The Armenian Assembly is the largest Washington-based nationwide organization promoting public understanding and awareness of Armenian issues. It is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt membership organization.”

Anyone reading this would think the Assembly had worked to achieve this success. Why else would they be announcing it, right? Nope. They were more concerned about Armenia not having a U.S. ambassador. And, since Hoagland was just mouthing his boss’ denial, it was OK %u218cause he really didn’t have a choice, you see. What’s so untenable about saying, “I recognize it was a genocide, but am constrained to implement the policies of the President of the United States”? But the AA glossed over all this. They argued that since the Government of Armenia wasn’t objecting (as if the RoA had a choice!), Hoagland’s acceptable.
This is exactly the shamelessness that has earned the Armenian Assembly of America the first ever SpitrRain Award.
Please call, e-mail, the Assembly to congratulate them on this singular honor!


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