Are We This Brain Dead?

To the Editor:
Finally, after hundreds of years of brutal subjugation, oppression and massacres, Armenia is enjoying independence on a sliver of a land left for us. This land is surrounded by our historical enemies who are sharpening their teeth to devour us again. Now, let’s see how are we doing by way of protection. The military forces in Armenia are building up modestly within their financial means. I admire their efforts. But are we helping in that important endeavor? No. Even though, here in this country we know that we do not have the lobbying power to divert millions of dollars worth of armamen’s to our motherland, and yet we squander millions for building new cathedrals and churches.
Haven’t we learned anything from history? Who are we pinning our hopes on? Hasn’t it been proved, time and time again, that we succeed only by relying on ourselves? Don’t we realize that in order to survive in that treacherous neighborhood we have to arm ourselves to our teeth? Of course. We don’t have billions to spend on B-2 bombers, but there are other equally crucial battlegrounds where our millions can be put to good use.
Right now, Azeris are spending huge sums in Russia on a heavy anti-Armenian media blitz to turn public opinion against the Karabakh liberations struggle. Turks are doing likewise here and in Europe. Azeris, with the help of their tutors are hiring pseudo-academics to erase our culture and replace it with their fabricated historical accounts. Meanwhile, what are we lavishing our resources on? Yes, we are applauding hefty donors who are cutting dedication ribbons of church buildings.
I am not saying that spiritual life should be ignored, but please not at this juncture. Which is more vital? Where is our sense of priority and urgency?
For centuries we have been meek prayers and beggars at the doors of foreign powers who have always betrayed us at the end. Enough is enough! What happened to our send of self image and self respect?
The physical future of our newborn republic is dangerously uncertain. It is high time that we take a lesson from our past history to place the history of our future in the barrel of multiple guns, if we want to keep our enemies at bay.

Armine Koundakjian


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