Primate Hovnan Derderian’s 2008 Christmas Message

In Christendom, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is the embodiment of the peace of God. The birth of Christ was the manifestation of God’s boundless love, which established a new refuge where his radiating peace, emanating from within himself, became the path of peace, life and truth.
The peace of God is the leading path of Christ towards God. It is the mystery of the life of Christ. It is the truth woven in the tales uttered from his lips. Thus in celebrating his birth, we are born again spiritually through the birth of Jesus Christ. In other words, the Nativity not only demonstrates the boundless love of God, but the mirror of our lives, in which we could see our very beings more vividly, therefore correcting the direction of our lives. Henceforth, miraculous changes occur in the lives of the faithful.
“And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
The birth of Christ is the most miraculous event of this world. Our Human mind is unable to comprehend the Mystery of Christmas, but the ones who believe in the mystery also will experience the miracle of spiritual rebirth.
We live in a time when scientific achievemen’s and innovations occur every second, to the benefit of all mankind. But the question remains whether the scientific achievemen’s are truly valuated, in spite of ever weakening faith humankind entrusts in God. Thus, mankind is becoming increasingly decadent and loosing its moral compass.
The Birth of Christ is a miraculous blessing that in depth could turn our God-given lives into celebration when the Gospel of Jesus Christ would emanate through our souls. There is one practical way for Christians to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ: that is to reawaken within ourselves the power of faith in God; to stay faithful to the belief of our forefathers and the Church. Reinforce the vision of family as a sacred sanctuary where our children are nourished spiritually in order to gain wisdom and become useful and productive individuals.
Dear faithful, the year 2008 has just begun, as a heavenly blessing. It is left to us to enrich the New Year with the labor of faith, thus perpetuating our lives as a testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ. Living our lives as a testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ will spread peace and love of Christ, uniting the humanity as one heart, one soul.
“Christ was born and revealed, blessed be the revelation of Christ.”
May this be the desire of your hearts and your prayer unceasingly. Since each time we recite our prayers figuratively speaking we take steps towards God. Step by step we become electrified within our existence, with the presence of God. And when we greet each other with the same prayer, we turn into ambassadors of peace and tranquility in our world and among our fellow human beings.
May Baby Jesus and his birth humble our hearts and strengthen the love of God and peace among us. Thus, all hand-in-hand, from the bottom of our hearts rededicate ourselves to the Fatherland and the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, to the blessed United States, to our Armenian Holy Apostolic Church, to the mission, and all this in remembrance and reverence of our Martyrs, and as a beautiful and justified offerings to the Glory of God.
May Christmas bring peace, long lives, health, and more prosperity to the world, to each family and to each heart and soul.

With love and prayers,

Archbishop Hovnan Derderian


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