Electoral Evangel and Evil

Finally! The U.S. is starting to listen to me. It’s only a start, but it gives hope. People have voted largely the way I recommended. We’re on the right track.
How’s that for monumental egotism? But that’s what the commentary emanating from the punditocracy that dominates discourse from op-ed pages to blogs sounds like sometimes.

Obama’s been nominated by the Democrats. California’s Proposition 98 was pounded to a pulp while 99 passed resoundingly. The racist candidate for an LA County Superior Court judgeship, Bill Johnson, lost 1-3 to James N. Bianco. In the race to fill the upcoming vacancy created by the retirement of one of LA County’s kings/queens, that is the incredibly powerful Supervisors, Mark Ridley Thomas beat Bernie Parks, 45% to 40%, but fell shy of the 50% he needed to win outright. They’ll now face each other in November.

Very few of California’s primaries for state legislative office had much fire. And that contributed to the low turnout in most districts. Actually, more like pathetic. That’s part of the bad news. More bad news is Hampig Sassounian’s tormentor’s, Steve Cooley, victory, as expected.

On the Armenian front too, there’s good news and bad news. Ann Eshoo’s on her way to reelection to Congress. Jackie Speier, also half Armenian, won her primary handily in an overwhelmingly Democratic district and is on her way to Congress too. Of course Paul Krekorian, running unopposed in his primary, is on his way back to the California State Assembly. Armineh Chelebian, about whom I know nothing, has won the Republican nomination in California’s 40th Assembly District. However, it looks like a heavily Democratic district, so she probably has a very difficult road ahead. Greg Aghazarian, Republican winner of California’s 5th State Senatorial District, is in an equivalent position to Chelebian.

So where’s the bad Armenian news? In the heart of “our” area, Krekorian’s 43rd, Adam Schiff’s 29th, and the 21st State Senatorial district soon to be occupied by Carol Liu, voter turnout was truly lame. I’m afraid to probe and discover exactly how poor the Armenian turnout was within the overall lamen’ss. Two Armenian candidates, Adrin Nazarian and Karo Torossian, for Democratic Party County Central Committee I advocated voting for, did not win. Two others, non-Armenian, did. How can this be? Adrin and Karo have played critical roles in building up Armenian voting power in the area. They are known quantities. Are you convinced now that Armenian turnout was low?

This points to our electoral-political lack of savvy and maturity. All these seemingly minor positions, on all sides of the partisan divides, are important to strengthening our political power in the districts we call home. If we’re only going to turn out to the polls when there’s a glamorous, headline-grabbing contest, we will certainly be the losers as a community.

We MUST create an environment where we ALWAYS vote, for EVERY POSSIBLE position. Do it yourself. Get others to do it with you.
Another area we stand to be losers is the media arena. I heard from a friend that Red Dog Howls was far from packed the night he went last week. There’s nothing like the arts to convey a message. This play has promise, but if tickets don’t sell, it won’t go anywhere. Make sure you see it before its run ends!


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