Turkey’s getting more sophisticated. Instead of using a maul, it’s now a mere hammer.

It might be that they’re actually listening to their K Street hirelings. Or, it could be the latter are finally earning their keep and doing something other than ripping of the suckers, er “leaders”, in Ankara. Or maybe there’s just a critical mass of Turks in the U.S. now.

They’re not only starting up community organizations (schools, etc.) other than those designed to serve as the Turkish government’s lobbying arms, but they’re also setting up much more innocent-seeming front organizations. The Pacifica Institute is one such entity.

I heard about them because they’re taking people on junkets to Turkey. Feed’em and woo’em trips to Turkey for members of Congress are nothing new. But academics from various fields and local officials represent a new scope of activity. And, given Turkey’s years of efforts building up its tourism infrastructure, they’re in a good position to please any visitors. This outfit also hosts presentations by local government officials– mayor, supervisor, etc.

Here’s the interesting stuff. The Pacifica Institute’s website purports five branches. Clicking on those gives comically suspicious results. The LA branch pulls up Google; Orange County yields a page all in Turkish with that supposedly shows their activities, but nothing is visible; San Diego produces “Magnolia Science”– more on this below; Bay Area nets Zaman Online (Turkish newspaper); and Sacramento leads to the announcement for a luncheon with LA Police Chief Bratton. Interesting is Pacifica’s URL– Apex Educational turns out to be an IT firm with Orhan Ozis listed as the contact. Magnolia Science, similarly, is associated with Rasul Monoshev. Ya think these might be Turkish and Azeri names, respectively?

Maybe it’s time to start attending Pacifica’s activities and exposing their racket. Also, those who listen to KPFK in the LA area or any of the other four Pacifica stations in San Francisco, Houston, D.C., or New York might want to let their stations know about this subterfuge ruining the Pacifica Foundation’s good name. Who knows, the original Pacifica might act to stop this foolishness.

Another realm of Turkish fronts is even scarier and more insidious. It’s the (I hope) unintentional engagement of academic institutions in the business of Genocide denial.

You may have seen, on youtube, Peter Musurlian’s coverage of Hakan Tekin’s (LA’s Turkish Consul General) appearance at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). To see this excellent piece, go to youtube then type in Musurlian and select the relevant video. Imagine! An attorney contacted Musurlian on behalf of the school, contending that students’ privacy was being compromised. Huh? This was a news piece. Raising privacy issues is ludicrous. I don’t doubt the Turkish government, likely through its LA consulate, has triggered this process at the school. Shame on CGU for knuckling under to Turkey’s brazen presumption of being able to gag reporters too, no longer just elected officials.

I had to add this paragraph at the eleventh hour, after submitting it, because of new developments, hoping it will make the papers’ deadlines. At about 10:30 pm on Wednesday June 25, youtube in its infinite wisdom yanked Musurlian’s video. It sent out what is obviously a form letter, referring to “copyright infringement” as the basis for their action. Huh? How can one infringe on oneself copyright-wise? It’s all a crock. Now, joining Claremont Genocide, er, Graduate University, youtube as well has entered the ranks of Genocide deniers.

Anyone, and especially graduates of this school or the other, separate yet associated institutions that are part of Claremont Colleges (Pomona College, Scripps College, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont University Consortium) should contact CGU, their alma mater, and complain loudly about how embarrassing a position this is for the administration to adopt. The president’s name, phone, and e-address are Robert Klitgaard, 909/621-8025, [email protected]

Everyone should start complaining to youtube, protesting its misguided action: phone 650/253-0000, fax at 650/253-0001, e-mail [email protected]. It seems to me the best bet might be the faxing option in this case. Also, if you’re only making one contacting, the root of the evil, CGU, is where you should direct your efforts.

Keep checking youtube, as developments are ongoing. In addition, go to

Let’s expose these Turkish fronts and dupes. If you know of any others, let me know. It’s probably time for the ANC to assemble a list of these offenders and post it online as a resource for all activists.


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