Big, bad, genocidal, denialist Turkey and little, Gaza-abusing, nuclear-armed, genocide surviving, denialist Israel are in a tiff, their marriage of convenience and pseudo-love fest seem to have run into some rocks.

What a surprise! Who’da thunk it? What can you do but giggle at this absurd, richly ironic, mutually well-deserved, situation?

When Israel sells its soul by fighting Armenian Genocide recognition in Washington D.C. to a country such as Turkey, it’s only a matter of time before karma catches up. Now, the Gaza mess has forced the Turkish government to show its hand. PM Erdogan cannot stay quiet when his “Moslem brethren” are being abused. He hails from an Islamist party. He had to speak up, especially with Turkish elections coming up.

So, Erdogun had his famous dust-up with Israeli President Shimon Peres. The dust is still in the air with an Israeli general now threatening Turkey with a reference to its “policies” regarding Armenia’s and Kurds. Wow, did the famous Mossad just uncover Turkey’s despicable treatment of these two “minorities” (strangely enough living on their homelands under the now-six-century tyranny of the invading Turks)?

This unholy alliance between Israel and Turkey is not likely to unravel quickly. But this episode demonstrates how untenable the relationship really is. What has enabled this is, in all likelihood, Israel’s political drift to the right since the 1970s. The latest election results are further confirmation of this unfortunate tendency. After eight years of Bush-Cheney, we’ve seen in stark relief what right wing rule produces. So, it should come as no surprise that Israel has stooped to engaging in this cynically motivated “friendship”– primarily military-based, and also as a potential bridge to the Islamic world. Ironically, much of the latter, at least the people if not the governmen’s, is ill disposed towards Turkey because memories of abusive Ottoman/Turkish rule persist.

Turkey’s equally cynical motivations are also obvious. The most obvious, Armenian-wise, is the use of the Israeli lobby in Washington to fight passage of congressional Genocide resolutions. But Turkey also gets military goodies from its across-the-Mediterranean buddy. Plus, it gets to soften its anti-Western image by paling around with Israel, all as part of its effort to break down Europe’s doors with diplomacy, having failed to do so through conquest three centuries ago.

So kick back and enjoy the show, we don’t get this kind of political fun very often.


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