Unprecedented Armenian Voter Participation in Lebanon Elections

ARF candidate Hagop Pakradouni casts his vote

ARF candidate Hagop Pakradouni casts his vote

BEIRUT (Aztag)—As the curtain fell on the 2009 Lebanese parliamentary elections Sunday, the Lebanese-Armenian community turned out in unprecedented numbers to ensure the Armenian community’s participation in the Lebanese political process, with 80 percent of the Armenian vote going in support of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation candidates.

Hagop Pakradouni and Arthur Nazarian were the ARF candidates elected in a vote that saw the Lebanese Armenian community turn out in droves to make its voice heard in the name of ensuring the security and prosperity of the community.

The ARF campaign, that has been hard at work for months, started the day as early as 5 a.m. ensuring that precincts monitors and other campaign workers were in place. Unprecedented Armenian votes were reported in the Metn district, which includes Bourdj Hammoud, as well as in other Armenian-populated areas.

After a close vote, the Lebanese parliament will be led by the coalition known as “March 14” and supported by forces loyal to former prime minister Rafik Hariri who was assassinated two years ago. This group was being opposed by a group led by retired General Michel Aoun.

The outcome of the vote would not prevent future dialogue in solidifying the Armenian representation in the parliament based on the common interests of the community there, said Shahan Kandaharian, the editor of Aztag daily.


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One Comment;

  1. Padoyan said:

    Armenians have seven presentations in the Lebanese parlament.
    ARF received more then 80% of the votes, should have a minimum of five representatives, but has only two.
    The rest, Five, are representatives of the 20% of the Armenians… clearly elected by non Armenians, to present the Armenians…

    The 20%, are sided with Saad Hariri, a sunni.
    Saad Harir has multi million dollar business in Turkey and very openly support them. Last April 24, his government scheduled a meeting the same day as Armenians were marking 94th year of Armenian Genocide and did not attend the commemoration events. Couple days later, they opened Turkish exhibition with the attendance of their prime minister.

    My Question is that how, that 20%, are siding with those who dont respect our Genocide?
    They cooperate with the enemy in order to be against ARF? Or are they bought by Hariri, the Saudis? (if yes, its good to know how much they were paid)
    You judge!