Gordon Voices Support for Turkey’s Proposed Historical Commission

WASHINGTON—Assistant Secretary of State Phil Gordon Tuesday indicated that the Obama Administration supports the establishment of an Armenia-Turkey historical commission, a controversial proposal long advanced by the Turkish government to cast doubt on the Armenian Genocide and undermine international progress toward the universal recognition of this crime against humanity, reported the Armenian National Committee of America.


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One Comment;

  1. Manooshag said:

    When in 1915 our American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau spoke of the elimination of the Armenians from their own lands of nearly 4,000 years… (over 200 news articles of the Genocide printed in the NYTimes then)
    When today, when the International Genocide organizations are on record to recognize the Genocide of the Armenians…
    When today, archives in Washington DC exist, (evidently unread by Gordon)… as well in European nations, and the Vatican…
    When today, 20 (twenty) European nations recognize the Genocide of the Armenian Nation, and as well, all
    the subsequent denials of the Armenian Genocide by all the Turkish governments all these years to date…
    When today, when 42 states of the 50 states of the United States of America recognize the Genocide of the Armenian nation by the Ottoman Turks, also, recognizing all subsequent Turkish governments’ denials…

    When all these millions of peoples, the world over, recognize that there was a Genocide of the Armenian
    nation planned and perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks…

    Why is a ‘history’ seeking group, as requested by the US/Turkish governments, needed? A nation was
    eliminated, destroyed, in the vilest treatments recorded of mans’ inhumanity to man…

    The world over knows this history. Only Turkey doesn’t ‘know’ – and are unable to teach their own history in their schools, but rather, Turkey (still today in the Ottoman mindset) teaches their youth in their schools that the Armenians are the enemy of the Turks. What a convoluted mindset for any nation… the victims/enemies!
    Rather, the Armenians are seeking justice in our covenant with all those lost to us in the Genocide!

    The need for examination of ‘history’ is another Turkish ploy, another chess move, another delay – Turkish style. How many times shall Turkey continue to play their games, or be ‘insulted’? Or, isn’t Turkey insulting
    those who ……?

    Morally, instead of wasting time and monies rehashing a history we know (excepting Turks) nations should rather seek to join together to bring about the end of the cycle of Genocide! This is an issue that the nations of the world can accomplish… if only to save all the innocent lives, destruction of families, memories….