ARF Calls for Armenian Foreign Minister’s Resignation

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YEREVAN (Yerkir)—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia on Thursday issued an announcement calling for the resignation of Armenian Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian, saying “Armenia’s foreign policy has deviated from the main provisions of its national security strategy.”

“For the purpose of eliminating the negative consequences that have emerged in the foreign policy domain and restoring the national-state course, we demand the resignation of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, who is immediately responsible for the sphere,” said ARF Supreme Council of Armenia chairman Armen Rustamian at a press conference Thursday.

The ARF Supreme Council of Armenia has called for foresight and political will from the governments of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic to work in tandem to secure “our place and capabilities in the region.”

“We anticipate that the Armenian President will not sign any document that will ignore the will of the Karabakh people, which has already been expressed through two referendums, and will make every effort to bring the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic into the negotiations as a full party to the conflict,” said the statement.

“If, God forbid, such a document is signed, our struggle will receive a completely different nature,” said Rustamian adding that the ARF has “repeatedly said that no matter who the incumbent president is, we will oppose such a policy with all available constitutional means, including by demanding [the president’s] resignation.”

“The president still has an opportunity to make a drastic change in the situation and, most importantly, not to sign the document that is being proposed today,” he said.

Rustamian also said that while Armenia’s recognition of Karabakh’s independence was always a priority, the time had come for Armenia and Karabakh to sign a strategic political agreement, whereby Armenia is clearly identified as the guarantor of Karabakh’s security, calling it a “serious step.”

Rustamian also announced that the ARF had addressed letters to the ambassadors of the United States, France and Russia to Armenia informing them of “the deepest disappointment of Armenians around the world with the unjustified and groundless pressure of the Minsk Group co-chairing countries on Armenia for the purpose of imposing unilateral and dangerous concessions in the issue of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”

The ARF asserted that “the concessions will imperil the security of Armenia, the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the Armenian people; increase the prospects of renewed Azeri aggression; and undermine the ability of the parties to the conflict to reach a truly lasting and durable peace.”


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  1. Serge S. said:

    We should not wait even a moment to call the resignation of Serge Sarkiasian as well. Serge also has to go before it is too late. Why these people (goverment) can not see that Turks and Azeris need us (Armenia) and we don’t need them, we are in better position than they are, even a child can see that. Please don’t let history repeats itself over again.


    I support the ARF’s position 100%. No more concessions! We have given-up too much already and received nothing in return. A third grader can do better than these bozos. I just want to remind these guys that our side won the war! And we paid for it with the blood of our youth. We should not accept anything less than independence!

  3. Grish Begian said:

    ARF is a party, that can understand the danger of Turkic nations toward Armenians and Armenia.

    Can we trust Azerbaijan, where all our Armenian traces are destroyed? Where are our Katchcars and monuments in Nakhijevan and Baku??

    How soon we can forget to those committed pogroms in Baku and Sumgait? Where they went on to attack and kill Armenians both on the streets and in their apartments, and now extending an hand shake for peace, for what???

    Even Arabs when they had Jewish traces in their territories never destroy or eliminate them, the way Turkey and Azerbaijan did to us, where are our churches and monuments in Turkey??

    All political parties in Armenia should stay together, and united, and have one policy, toward those nations, who have hostile policy against Armenia and Artsakh…

  4. Dikran Abrahamian said:

    Calling for the resignation of the Foreign Minister of Armenia does not address the dire situation surrounding Karabakh. The ultimate authority to formulate foreign policy lies with the President.

    If this call is simply to express indignation and disapproval then it’s understandable, but that doesn’t change one iota from the circumstances that led Armenia and Karabakh to a potentially disastrous outcome.

    Alternately, if this gesture intends to identify a lightening rod then it has missed its target.

  5. Papken Haertunian said:

    Armenians must repeatedly raise all our issues with Turkey and Azerbaijan, whenever we have chance to make a comment on Armenia-Turkey relatioships. Without Western Armenia, there would not be a viable Armenia. Turkey stop occupy our Western Armenia!

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