Bryza Says Obama Shares His View on Territory Withdrawal

GEORGIA OPPOSITIONBAKU (Trend)—US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza, who is on the last leg of his Caucasus tour, said the President Obama shared his opinion that Armenia should withdraw from the liberated territories surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh, as reflected in his joint announcement last month with French and Russian presidents.
“The United States fully supports the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on the basis of the Madrid principles,” Bryza told journalists. “We have finalized some of the Madrid principles and discussed them at a meeting in Krakow.” 

He said that the Russia has also played a constructive role in the Karabakh conflict resolution process.

“Our work in the Minsk Group has always been fair and constructive,” he said.”The Minsk Group has helped the two Presidents bring closer the positions on the issues that will help resolve this conflict.”

In his opinion, the Presidents are close to sign a framework agreement.

“I’m very grateful for the time that we worked together with you, for the respect for the process of the Minsk Group and me personally,” added Bryza who is on his last visit to the region in his current capacity.

Last month he announced that he would be leaving his post as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and on Tuesday, Tbilisi, he announced that Tina Kaidanow, the US Ambassador to Kosovo, would replace him in that capacity.

“The United States and Azerbaijan and their peoples are connected by many interests, including security interests, as well as in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict,” he said.

He said that the U.S. is interested in Azerbaijan as an energy supplier to Europe.

“President Obama considers Azerbaijan a very important strategic partner of the United States, and many high-ranking representatives from the U.S. Administration, such as Steinberg and Gordon, have already made visits to the country, he said. – The U.S. Administration will continue the process of strengthening relations and cooperation between our countries. I hope to work in the Caucasus as long as I can, but I have not been appointed ambassador yet.”

“Over these years, the U.S. and Azerbaijan have long and successfully worked on the issues of democracy in Azerbaijan,” he said.


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  1. DJ D said:

    Who is this guy ? Why do we even listen to this moron ? Do the Armenian people and Armenian nation need the U.S. Russia, France or any other nation telling us how to handle our affairs?

  2. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Talking in terms of chess, Mr Bryza in his role of an international Master could successfully beat the Armenian political system which was thought to be a Grossmeister. The Armenian President is wise enough to resign after which the political game will be declared as postponed.

  3. aramazd said:

    Let Obama speak out for himself, Bryza. And watch them hand gestures, you sure look like you know what. As they say in Brooklyn, we ain’t giving back no territory to no one! In fact, we is on the take.

  4. hovik said:

    No one could tell Armenia what she needs to do. only the people of Armenia will decide that . period.

  5. Roman said:

    What if us, France and Russia will tell all Armenians who live in Armenia and Artzah just leave their homes and go live somwhere else?! what ever this fool bryza says is balooni. And i dont think serjik sarkisyan is stupid enough to do what they tell him to do. He is just buying time saying yes here, no here until Armenia will get enough man power and munition to withstand azeri-turkish atack. That is what i think.

  6. Roza (Yerevan) said:

    There is no precedent in history to give back territory.



    P.S. Bryza’s favorite phrase is “BAD TRANSLATION”

  7. esward demian said:

    That’s right Aramazd. We dont have to do anything except talk. talk is cheap. In the meantime we need to resettle diaspora Armenians in the liberated teritories. The more the better.

  8. Dr.B said:

    I’ve lived in the US for 28 years, never knew the US and AzerbaijaNOBODY were such pals, this is the first I see the two countries’ names in the same sentence in print. It would be nice for the State department to spare the rest of us Americans some dignity and not cop out on its own “love of democracy” by claiming we share “interests” with such an undemocratic and war-mongering state like Azerbaijan.

    Furthermore, besides prostituting national morale for oil siphoning, how exactly are Americans, a nation founded on Christian principles “connected” in any respect with a nation consisting of Muslims accustomed to saber rattling and perpetual war rhetoric against neighboring Christians? I am sure glad North Korea doesn’t have any oil it can export, next thing you know, Obama would be having tea with Kim Jong-il and Mathew Bryza would be the sweetheart serving both of them ginger bread cookies in his cheer leader outfit claiming we have “lots in common with our North Korean brothers”.

    Karabagh belongs to Armenia and Armenians, neither the US or any other government has any right or moral ground to request, demand, or draft up any sort of resolutions dictating what Armenia and the Armenian people should or should not do.

  9. Ron said:

    Mr. Bryza and the current U.S. government need to understand that no lasting peace is possible without the recognition of Artsakh as an independent state by Azerbaijan and the international community. This is the most critical issue. This is why our brothers and sisters lost their lives, and this is why we secured a buffer zone to prevent the azeries from shooting rockets into our territories. I urge everyone, but most importanty the officials involved in the negotiations, to read and understand the regional history and importance of a viable Armenia and its people. Let’s unite and voice our concerns to those that try to impose unacceptable terms, and may God Bless our righteous efforts.

  10. rammy said:

    No withdrawal before an everlasting agreement , Who can guaranty the azeris

  11. satenik said:

    If I see the picture of this idot one more time, I’ll be needing a sick bag. Do we have to read his vomit inducing “opinions” about what Armenian should do accompanied by his idiotic face and gestures? I think we should punish him by at least not printing his photo.

  12. markar said:

    it is time that we Armenians learn from our past history. The big powers will do whatever is good for their interest. Maybe it is time that Karabagh authorities declare they want to be part of Russia. Just like Abkhazia and south ossetia. At least the Azeris cannot enter Karabagh and empty the Armenian population as was done in Nakhichevan.

  13. Gayane said:

    THE HELL we will withdraw.. Who is this clown? I don’t know how else to stop this person . what is his job again besides clowning around and making funny statements? but he is about to leave his post so he is talking out of his rotten brain..

    Obama is sure showed his true colors.. I did not believe him from the start.. I knew he would not do the right thing and he has surprise there..

    WE will not return any lands.. if they want our lands, they will need to get permission from all the deceased.. only then, those lands will be returned to them.. and we all know.. that will NEVER happen..


  14. Levon said:

    Bottom line is this: No Armenian president, not Serzhik, not Ter-Petrosstein, nor anybody else vying for the throne, will ever agree to a deal that gives back any territories without their heads rolling (figuratively and maybe literally). Therefore, all this talk about an imminent agreement based on the Madrid principles, which envisions Armenia returning the liberated territories around Karabagh, is absolute nonsense. How many times in the last 10 years have we been told by these mediators that there is an imminent deal in the works? How many times has it turned out to be true? Therefore, either Azerbaijan will have to follow through with its empty threats of trying to take back lands by force or this issue is resolved as far as I’m concerned.

    Who cares about international recognition anyways? We have an independent country, which is already a member of the UN and internationally recognized. Armenia has already unofficially annexed Karabagh, Karabaghtsis hold Armenian passports, use Armenian currency and function in the same way Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico function as American citizens. Who cares about anything else?

    And by the way, Azerbaijan will never follow through with its empty threats to retake Karabagh by force because the day it does will be the day its oil revenues come to a screeching halt. And with no oil revenues, Azerbaijan will be piled with a huge debt for its plans for its current and future military spending.