Schmidt Drops Four False Statement Claims Against Krikorian

Rep. Jean Schmidt dropped four of the charges against Krikorian

Rep. Jean Schmidt dropped four of the charges against Krikorian

CINCINNATI, Ohio—Attorneys for Jean Schmidt petitioned the court Thursday to add a new claim after dropping four of her initial false statement charges against her Democratic opponent David Krikorian.

“Jean and her friends at the Turkish Legal Defense Fund are on a fishing expedition” said Krikorian “First she brought the charges, then she realized that she could not win her case and petitioned the court to drop the charges, now she is adding a new one. Typical Jean Schmidt behavior, it’s a shame she is not putting forward this kind of effort on the health care debate” said Krikorian.

The statements Schmidt claimed were false are in relation to her denial of the Armenian Genocide.  In dropping the charges, Schmidt essentially conceded that she does deny the Armenian Genocide.

Jean Schmidt took more money from the Turkish Lobby during the 2008 election cycle than any other member of Congress.  “Being #1 on the Turkish Lobby scoreboard has financial advantages for Jean, but what does it do for our district?” asked Krikorian adding, “We look forward to the full commission hearing in a few weeks.”

A total of five false statement claims will be heard at a full commission hearing on September 3rd at the Ohio Elections Commission in Columbus.

In a related matter, The Cincinnati Enquirer which endorsed Jean Schmidt in the previous election is continuing to protect her with its online story about today’s case emphasizing her new charge and downplaying the fact that she dropped four of her initial frivolous claims. The Enquirer changed its article after the campaign challenged their first edition.  The editors of the Enquirer have consistently protected Representative Schmidt to the detriment of the citizens of the 2nd district.  The phone number for the Enquirer’s editorial department is (513) 768-8359.


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    Schmidt is GUILTY, a disgrace to my district.How these people can be so naive or stupid to vote for her.The sad part of the whole deal is she is being openly being bribed and we all are blinking,and making excuses.

  2. Raffi Hamparian said:

    Jean Schmidt’s betrayal of American values is astounding. Her denial of the Armenian genocide is symptomatic of her status as an ethically challenged individual.

  3. Edward Demian said:

    Folks, the only thing that matters in a race is money. Schmidt most likely is on the payroll of several foreign governments. Thats a major money making loophole. Legislators on the take are the ones regulating themselves. No oversight. Very close to espionaj or trason.

  4. Garabed said:

    Boys keep up the good work ‘like they chant in the RA ‘baykar, baykar, minchev verch’
    Amazing how much effort is being put into this denial! If it’s not true why all the effort to silence things?

  5. Gayane said:

    Here is the deal…

    When an ARmenian breaks the law (no matter how small it is), it is blasted all over the prime time… they talk about it for days…

    However, when something as huge as the above story happens, no American TV talks about it.. WHY? Because everyone has a hidden agenda…Why would the American TV put one of their own on the justice stand for everyone to see.. especially when it deals with proving that the Armenians are correct and righteous in this manner? One wonders…

    Don’t you love the deceit, cover up, and lies of our media and its hidden agendas?