Turkish Diplomats to Learn Armenian


BAKU–Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has issued an instruction for all of the nation’s young diplomats to learn the languages of adjoining countries. Besides Armenian and Greek, he has encouraged them to learn Bulgarian, Arabic and Russian. The tactic is a part of Turkey’s foreign policy principles, which emphasize “zero problems with neighboring countries.”

According to Davutoglu, young diplomats who are deemed qualified will be sent to certain countries in order to learn the languages. However, as a result of the nearly non-existent diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia, the aforementioned young envoys will have no choice but to be sent to another country to learn the language.

The initial approximation is that 30 diplomats will be chosen for the task.


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  1. Haro said:

    Good idea, let them use Յովհաննէս Շիրազ Հայոց Դանթէականը (Hovannes Shiraz) for reading exercise!!!

  2. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    I always used to say that the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was a wise man even cleverer than Armenian Oskanian and Nalbandyan taken together.

  3. manooshag said:

    Hye, Turks, after slaughtering our nation now choose to learn our Armenian language! Now hear this: the Turks have spoken – just as for the convoluted ‘road maps’ – another show to world of the “Turkish efforts.”
    Our language, just about the only thing the Turks have not relegated for themselves of our Armenian culture.
    But to advertise this newest ploy… again, another Emperor’s Clothes – the Turks ain’t got it – but the rest of the world watches, waits… what/ when will be their next ploy?
    This is just another delaying ploy by desperate Turks. Just as the ‘road map’ is another Turkish ploy.
    The Turks now excel not only at denying the Armenian Genocide, now they will excel in speaking another
    language other than their own. What happened to ‘Turkey for the Turks/Turkish for the Turks’? Perhaps by speaking the Armenian language they shall comprehend, clearly, their perpetration of the vile Genocide of the Armenian nation. Or, will their ‘road map’ be better understood when they speak it in Armenian…
    Then, perhaps more people shall, in turn, learn the Turkish language thus to understand their so-called ‘democracy’ which – after nearly 100 years – is a democracy?

  4. Atranik Soultanian said:

    Exelent,may be they can learn how to say WE COMMITED THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE and say it in Armenian, if they are unable to say it in their own or any other language.

  5. Avo said:

    The only reason they want to learn it is so they can use it against us, so don’t get excited or happy

  6. satenik said:

    Haro, I think Paruyr Sevak’s ” Anlreli Zangagatune” would be the second for reading exercise.

  7. Roy said:

    Turkish diplomats can learn all the Armenian they like… Until they learn that the the Armenian people will not let up on genocide recognition, they are destined for strategic failure.

  8. Vosky said:

    The Armenian language in the mouth of a turk is a sacrilege, unbearable .

  9. manooshag said:

    Hye, Turks learning languages – then and only then shall they comprehend the vile Genocicdes the Turks vented against all those who languages they shall have learned, thus in all these languages we shall acquaint them with their own history of Genocides against all these nations whose languages they propose to learn… Ottomans and subsequent Turks’ leaderships and their ignoring all the Genocides the Turks perpetuated… all the innocents lives slaughtered, rapes, kidnappings and the vilest actions against humans by the inhumanity of the Turkeys’ basest mentality – still to this day, and now, the Kurds.
    And ironically, Turk leaders think their own government of their citizens is a democracy?