Armenia, Turkey to Sign Protocols in Six Weeks

0831borderBERNE, YEREVAN, ANKARA (Foreign Ministry Press Service)—The foreign ministers of Armenia, Turkey and Switzerland issued a joint announcement Monday outlining the protocols that will guide the establishment and development of relations between Turkey and Armenia.

Below is the text of the announcement and the protocols, which we received from the foreign ministry.

The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey have agreed to start their internal political consultations on the two protocols – the “Protocol on the establishment of diplomatic relations” and the “Protocol on the development of bilateral relations” – which have been initiated in the course of their efforts under Swiss mediation.

The two Protocols provide for a framework for the normalization of their bilateral relations within a reasonable timeframe. The political consultations will be completed within six weeks, following which the two Protocols will be signed and submitted to the respective Parliaments for the ratification on each side. Both sides will make their best efforts for the timely progression of the ratification in line with their constitutional and legal procedures.

The normalization of bilateral relations will contribute to the regional peace and stability. The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey are committed are pursuing their joint efforts with the assistance of Switzerland.


Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations

Between Republic of Armenia and Republic of Turkey

The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey,

Desiring to establish good neighborly relations and to develop bilateral cooperation in the political, economic, cultural and other fields for the benefit of their peoples, as envisaged in the Protocol on the development of relations signed on the same day,

Referring to their obligation under the Charter of the United Nations, the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of Paris for a New Europe,

Reconfirming their commitment, in their bilateral and international relations, to respect and ensure respect for the principles equality, sovereignty, non intervention in internal affairs of other states, territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers,

Bearing in mind the importance of the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere of trust and confidence between the two countries that will contribute to the strengthening of peace, security and stability of the whole region, as wll as being determined to refrain from the threat or the use of force, to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes, and to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms,

Confirming the mutual recognition of the existing border between the two countries as defined by the relevant treaties of international law,

Emphasizing their decision to open the common border.

Reiterating their commitment to refrain from pursuing any policy incompatible with the spirit of good neighborly relations.

Condemning all forms of terrorism, violence and extremism irrespective of their cause, pledging to refrain from encouraging and tolerating such acts and to cooperate in combating against them,

Affirming their willingness to chart a new pattern and course for their relations on the basis of common interests, goodwill and in pursuit of peace, mutual understanding and harmony,

Agree to establish diplomatic relations as of the date of the entry into force of this Protocol in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and to exchange Diplomatic Missions.


Protocol on Development of Relations Between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey

Guided by the Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey signed on the same day,

Considering the perspectives of developing their bilateral relations, based on confidence and respect to their mutual interests,

Determining to develop and enhance their bilateral relations, in the political, economic, energy, transport, scientific, cultural issues and other fields, based on common interests of both countries,

Supporting the promotion of the cooperation between the two countries in the international and regional organizations, especially within the framework of the UN, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the BSEC,

Taking into account the common purpose of both States to cooperate for enhancing regional stability and security for ensuring democratic and sustainable development of the region,

Reiterating their commitment to the peaceful settlement of regional and international disputes and conflicts on the basis of the norms and principles of international law,

Reaffirming their readiness to actively support the actions of the international community in addressing common security threats to the region and world security and stability, such as terrorism, transnational organized crimes, illicit trafficking of drugs and arms,

1. Agree to open the common border within 2 months after entry into force of this Protocol,

2. Agree to
Conduct regular political consultation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries;

Implement a dialogue on the historical dimension with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial and scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations;

Make the best possible use of existing transport, communications and energy infrastructure and networks between the two countries and to undertake measures in this regard;

Develop the bilateral legal framework in order to foster cooperation between the two countries;

Cooperate in the fields of science and education by encouraging relations between the appropriate institutions as well as promoting the exchange of specialists and students, and act with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage of both sides and launching common cultural projects;

Establish consular cooperation in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 in order to provide necessary assistance and protection to the citizens of the two countries;

Take concrete measures in order to develop trade, tourism and economic cooperation between the two countries;

Engage in a dialogue and reinforce their cooperation on environmental issues.

3. Agree on the establishment of an intergovernmental bilateral commission which shall comprise separate sub-commissions for the prompt implementation of the commitments mentioned in operation paragraph 2 above in this Protocol. To prepare the working modalities of the intergovernmental commission and its sub-commissions, a working group headed by the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs shall be created 2 months after the day following the entry into force of this Protocol. Within 3 months after the entry into force of this Protocol, these modalities shall be approved at ministerial level. The intergovernmental commission shall meet for the first time immediately after the adoption of the said modalities. The sub-commissions shall start their work at the latest 1 month thereafter and they shall work continuously until the completion of their mandates. Where appropriate, international experts shall take part in the sub-commissions.

The timetable ans elements agreed by both sides for the implementation of this Protocol are mentioned in the annexed document (See below), which is an integral part of this Protocol.

This Protocol and the Protocol on the Estblishment of Diplomatic Relation between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey shall enter into force on the same day, i.e. on the fist day of the first month following the exchanges of instruments of ratification.


Annexed Document: Timetable and elements for the implementation of the Protocol on development of relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey


Timetable and elements for the implementation of the Protocol on development of relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey


Steps to be undertaken



1. to open the common border

Within two months after the entry into force of the Protocol on the development of relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey


2. to establish a working group headed by the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs to prepare the working modalities of the intergovernmental commission and its sub-committees

2 months after the day following entry into force of the Protocol on development of relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey


3. to approve the working modalities of the intergovernmental commission and its sub-commissions and ministerial level

Within 3 months after entry into force of the Protocol on development of relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey


4. to organize the first meeting of the intergovernmental commission

Immediately after the adoption of the working modalities of the intergovernmental commission and its sub-commissions at ministerial level


5. to operate the following sub-commissions:

– the sub-commission on political consultations;

– the sub- commission on transport, communications, and energy infrastructure and networks,

– the sub-commission on legal matters

– the sub-commission on science and education

– the sub-commission on trade, tourism, and economic cooperation;

– the sub-commission on the historical dimension to implement a dialogue with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations, in which Armenian, Turkish as well as Swiss and other international experts shall take part.

At the latest 1 month after the first meeting of the intergovernmental commission


For the Republic of Armenia                                                           For the Republic of Turkey


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  1. Arman said:

    The Swiss are among the most cunning of Europeans and Armenians are fooling themselves if they think these intentions are aimed at fostering goodwill and reconciliation. The entire Western European political bloc, which simply wants to smooth the ethnic difficulties in Eastern Europe so they can come and freely exploit resources, is simply hiding behind Switzerland’s pseudo-image of an innocent, small and ultra civilized country which is the ideal of democracy, civility and human virtue. What better “mediator” than noble Switzerland? The truth is that if these secret negotiations are being conducted in Switzerland, and Armenia’s future is again being decided by foreigners, Switzerland will be added to the list of foreign names such as Lausanne, or San Stefano, Moscow and today Madrid (the Madrid Principles), places where treaties have been signed where Armenia’s fate was decided though it was absent at those signings. This was the height of dishonor, the height of disgrace in Armenian history-other states would make their arrangements among themselves and leave the Armenians out of negotiations because they aren’t important enough.

  2. Siamanto said:

    Mer dghake noren kinovsteren. Ov Der asonk yerp bidi artenan mer baykareen?

  3. Stepan Sargsyan said:

    1. “The political consultations will be completed within six weeks, following which the two Protocols will be signed and submitted to the respective Parliaments for the ratification on each side. Both sides will make their best efforts for the timely progression of the ratification in line with their constitutional and legal procedures.”
    “1. Agree to open the common border within 2 months after entry into force of this Protocol,”

    Hatzners keranq… This will be dragged around for years in the halls of the Turkish parliament. When the wind blows over, they will announce that they don’t want to ratify this, which means it will never go into force. This is the results of Serge’s statement that he will travel if we’re “on the verge…” of opening borders. But this is not the worst, read on for the real bomb.

    2. “Reconfirming their commitment, in their bilateral and international relations, to respect and ensure respect for the principles equality, sovereignty, non intervention in internal affairs of other states, territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers”
    “Confirming the mutual recognition of the existing border between the two countries as defined by the relevant treaties of international law”

    Here is the bomb: Our homeland is lost, Western Armenia is lost… We willingly renounce our claim to our homeland by recognizing that Turkey’s border is valid.

    3. “Implement a dialogue on the historical dimension with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial and scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations;”

    Nicely veiled reference to the historical commission that will start debating the veracity of the Armenian Genocide. “To define existing problems”???? – the problem has long been defined: Turkey carried out a genocide against the Armenian nation. So we still have to define it? Why don’t we just say that we need to determine if there really was genocide? If we’re still trying to define the problem, then we’re still trying to determine what happened.

    This day shall live in infamy in Armenia’s history. The perpetrators (yes perpetrators, not “negotiators” or another such nonsense term) will have to answer for this treachery…

  4. Stephan said:

    I don’t like the part that says “Implement a dialogue on the historical dimension with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial and scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations”.

  5. Tro said:

    We’re in trouble. “Աստուած մեզ օգնէ:” is right. Arman, I agree with you about the West, but I think the incompetence of the Armenian government is the main reason why we’re in this mess. I guess Serge Sarkisian still does not understand the meaning of the words “WITHDRAW FROM TALKS”.

  6. Stepan Sargsyan said:

    Dear Tro,

    This is what happens when the leader thinks he’s the brightest pea in the pot and his personal interest does not necessarily (and entirely) correlate with that of the nation he leads.

  7. Is the ARF still alive? said:

    So this is the latest gift the RA is offering the Turks. Good to know. Perhaps I should start learning Turkish from now…

  8. Hye4Life said:

    :( I just don’t get what the hell is the gov. of Armenia thinking playing with those sharks. If we have to recognize the current borders that means we can’t ever have a legal claim for the Western Armenia our historical homeland. Edward Nalbandian should be foreced to resign.

  9. Leon said:

    Its not just withdraw from talks. Serge Sarkisian cant do anything. He cant deliver the interests of Armenian nation, he cant hold his position on international arena, he cant even speak confidently, I think even during Kocharian regime`s such mistakes never took place. While Erdogan can fool europe and acts smart, Armenia`s president does not do anything at all, just tries to look good and democratic in eyes of West, but for what reason ? He already almost completely dropped the question of Armenian Genocide, he supports Turkey to get access and join EU, and he is tooooo soft in Karabakh problem, instead of proving that Armenians have much more right in that issue, he is only talking about the concessions they can make…to whom? Azerbaijan ? that destroyed all khachkars in Julfa? that claim that Armenians never lived in Nakchivan Karabakh and that call everything Armenian is Albanian ? a country that promotes most hate and propaganda towards Armenians.. instead of shaking Aliev’s hand, and smiling to Gul, he could do something better.

  10. Ara (Sydney) said:

    I bow my head in shame and feel humiliated by this act of treason. These ignorant, corrupt and incompetent politicians do not represent the voice of the Armenian Diaspora. I spit on their dialogue.

    Turkey must first acknowledge their past crimes and return our stolen lands.

  11. Soghomon said:

    There’s a saying… “Armenian is the corporate office and the diaspora community make up the branches”

    The failure of the corporate office is the failure of the branches.

    There needs to be larger exchanges of Armenian youth and peoples among the diaspora and Armenia. Organizations such as AGBU, ANCA, AAA, Birthright, &c need to expand their internships and even include an element which incorporates Armenian youth from abroad into the Armenian political system.
    We need to start stacking the political institutions and party’s of Armenia with Armenian diaspora, so that we can better control the direction which our hairenik takes.

  12. Ghazaros said:

    Where is our leadership? Where are the diasporan organizations who should be raising hell? Mountains of salt are being poured on our wounds.

  13. Ana said:

    On the Cross of Europe’s Imperialism, Armenia Crucified! It’s happening again.. and this time not with the sword, but with the mighty pen! They even have Armenia’s own co-operation secured. What sophisticated deception! Woe is to our beloved motherland, Armenia!

  14. Vache said:

    The government that is conducting these “negotiations” does not represent the Armenian nation. We must call for the immediate resignations of Edward Nalbandian and Serge Sarkissian and replace them with individuals that actually represent our people’s best interests and the interests of justice.

    This is something for all Armenians to unite for. There is no benefit for the above protocol.

    Any relations with Turkey have to be based on equal footing: recognizing the Armenian Genocide and a return of our ancestral homeland, NOT any historical commission or signing away our rights to Western Armenia.

  15. katia k. said:

    Syria, Lebanon, Palestine all got their lands back after being ruled by the Ottoman Empire for centuries, just like Armenia… And yet what happened to our lands?… First the Europeans, the US and the Turks snatch them away from us with illegal “oil drenched” agreements, and now the Armenian government puts a seal unto what they had started by ACKNOWLEDGING TURKEY’S ILLEGAL BORDERS. Kiss Ararat, Massis, Van, Adana, Erzroum, Zeitun, Ourfa…. and all our historical, western lands Goodbye!
    AND… to add injury to insult, a “impartial scientific examination of the historical records and archives” will determine if the Armenian population in our “occupied” lands in Turkey, IMAGINED seing their intellectual leaders massacred, and getting mutilated, dragged out of their home, raped, tortured, beheaded, sent to the desert with no food to die…. SOMEBODY PLEASE DARE TO ASK FOR A SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY TO SEE IF THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED! Shame on us if we agreed to this disgrace….

  16. Aram Suren Hamparian said:

    The ink on today’s “Protocols” (read: the latest excuse served up by Ankara to keep President Obama from recognizing the Armenian Genocide) isn’t even dry, and Turkey’s foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, is already walking away from his country’s commitments:

    Here’s his quote, and the full citation:

    “Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, however, that opening the border was out of the question for now. “A longer process is required for that,” he was quoted by Turkey’s NTV television station as saying Monday.”

    — Turkey, Armenia agree to establish diplomatic ties
    Associated Press, August 31, 2009

    Beyond Davutoglu’s clearly stated intention not to actually deliver his country’s prime “deliverable” in anything remotely resembling a timely manner, these secretly negotiated Protocols represent a surrender of the rights of the Armenian nation, the truth of the Armenian Genocide, and the security of the Armenian Republic:

    Surrender of Rights

    — Armenia agrees to “territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers” and to “mutual recognition of the existing border,” in a manner that prejudices against the realization of the Armenian nation’s legitimate claim to land and other reparations for the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923.

    Surrender of Truth

    — Armenia agrees to “refrain from pursuing any policy incompatible with the spirit of good neighborly relations,” despite the clear implication that Turkey and its allies will interpret this commitment to mean the abandonment of the Republic of Armenia’s support for the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

    — Armenia agrees to “implement a dialogue on the historical dimension,” knowing that Turkey will misuse this agreement to portray the Armenian government as itself casting doubt on the clearly established historical record of the Armenian Genocide, effectively undermining progress toward international recognition of this crime.

    Surrender of Security

    — Armenia agrees to “non-intervention in internal affairs,” despite the fact that the Armenian state has a humanitarian interest in the welfare of the remaining Armenian community in Turkey and a compelling security interest in Turkey abandoning its genocide denial and other anti-Armenian policies.

  17. Juliette Davtian said:

    Our future generation will judge us and will ask where were the real heros? and why didn’t they move quickly, abruptly and forcefully. What are we waiting for? Serge is not “our” president, his government is a puppet, they do not care for the sovereignty of our nation and our homeland and irobically we have known this all along and have gone along with it. Why?

  18. Garen said:

    I appreciate all the comments and the lamentations. But can anyone tell exactly what they think are the problems with these protocols. Or, do you think their mere existence is unacceptable? Is the big issue with the setting up of a sub-commission on the “historical dimension” that will (most likely? for sure?) delay the recognition the Genocide? Or maybe we are worried about the open borders that will possibly do us more economic (and political) harm than good?

    One thing that surely is a problem is the fact that the Armenian Diaspora is absent from the reality of the protocols. That is a pity: before working so tirelessly on these Protocols, Sargisian’s administrator would do better to work on creating a functional and unified organization between the Armenian government and the Diaspora, to see where they both are going.

    In the short run, the Protocols will for sure work as smoke-screen for Turkey to blur Europe’s and USA’s vision about the former’s real aspirations in the region and towards Armenia. It seems that Obama has already issued an encouraging statement, signaling that Turkey won’t be put under pressure as much as before.

    Yet, a questionably positive thing that may come out of the Protocols is the fact that both of our societies (and the world to some extent) will engage in intense internal discussion about where they are and where they want to go on these issues. This hopefully will clarify many issues, at least for Armenians about what they really want from Turkey.

  19. Jirair Tutunjian said:

    …And we are supposed to agree to the current illegal borders…and within a few years Turkish businesses will buy out Armenian companies, making Armenia Turkey’s economic satellite and thus their political satellite. Good bye to the Genocide, to Kars and Ardahan, to Van, to the six villayets. What do we get in return? Cheap Turkish biscuits and shampoo? Good-bye to Ararat, too.

  20. anto said:

    sirlei hayrenakitsner:
    i agree with all your comments,
    here is the reality on the ground, today,
    he who has money and guns, has the right of way,
    do all of you remember russia attacking georgia, rightfully so, was anyone able to do anything about it, NO
    enough said…
    instead of waisting your energy on phantom human rights protection agendas, work hard, pile up your money in what’s left of our ancestral land, and strengthen your roots there, and when you bulk up, flex your muscles, see who’s going to bully you then…
    as long as arme’nia is poor, and begging money, taking bread crumb handouts, is governed by hooligans who are on the payroll of international mobsters, is landlocked by viscous neighbors, it is never going to achieve justice for her children.

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  22. Katherine said:

    I am wary about confusing the Armenian nation with the Republic of Armenia. As a member of the diaspora and Armenian nation, I understand the desire to retain the historic homeland and achieve recognition for the genocide from its perpetrators. These are deeply personal feelings that strike to the core of many diasporans. However, governments do not have feelings. Sargysan is running his government like a business and it is in his economic interests to open the border. Sargysan is not looking out for the Armenian nation further than their pocketbooks.

    Normalization is not the same as reconciliation. Clearly, the reconciliation process has a long way to go. I would love to hear ideas of how diasporans can get involved in this process and proactively bring about the change they, and I, so long for.

  23. Davajan Hayastan said:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. We lost western Armenia and therefore everything. The end of our nation as we know it. 90+ years of suffering concluded with a kick – by an Armenian himself who calls himself “President”. What was all this work for all this time by all of us Armenians outside of Armenia? Utter shame. Assimilation is on the horizon for all of us. Why should I buy Asbarez? Why should I protest in front of the Turkish consulate? Why should I send my kids to Armenian school? Why should I speak Armenian? Mr Sargsyan answers: “You shouldn’t”.

  24. Papazian said:

    These protocols give more than we receive. Recognition is not guaranteed, the borders may not be opened, we guarantee Turkey’s borders and lose any claim to Western Armenia and even those parts which were once a part of the Russian Empire, we discuss the Genocide (which needs no discussion), and we letTurkeky off the hook on the Genocide resolution. The only question is whether the US is selling out Armenia or if the Amercan diplomats are a bit naive. The US must be behind it. I think the Armericans are being naive.

    The protocols are hollow and show an attempt at a coverup of Turkish ill-will.

    The frightening thing is that the Armenian government goes along.

  25. jachik said:

    It is patently clear that the incumbent government is acting against the interests of our nation. It is amazing than Sarkissian can unashamedely carry a smirk and a smile for the cameras when talking about ” his breakthrough”. ( betrayal) Is he the captain of a traitorous government foisted upon our nation ? This is treason.

  26. Levon said:

    Armenia needs regime change ASAP. Since his election, Serge Sarkissian has managed to foment internal strife in Armenia and spill blood in the streets (lets not act naive and put that on Kocharian), he has managed to undermine the diaspora’s efforts to secure recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the U.S., he has excelled in adopting defeatist positions in the Nagorno Karabakh peace process, and now this treachery. Let’s be clear here. This “breakthrough” can not be accredited to swiss negotiating skills, nor can it be rationalized by citing the international pressure towards yerevan. The only responsible for this action is Serge Sarkissian’s administration. Sarkissian & co didnt slide into bed with Turkey out of naiveness or ignorance. They simply do not believe in the Cause. Its time to face the facts. Diaspora is alone in this fight. the first thing we should do, is to make the Armenian ambassadors all around the globe lose their sleep at night.

  27. Ishkhanb said:

    This agreement is a Capitulation —— It’s a Surrender– it’s a humiliation for Armenian people and defilement the perished . We are sure Vast Majority of Armenian worldwide will never ever accept this this shameful protocol.

  28. Yesayan said:

    I am against opening borders myself but it’s EASY for us to judge these steps. We do not live in Armenia and do not face challenges and hardships people face in Armenia. We need to have some kind of change. Nobody is giving up Armenian Genocide or Karabakh

  29. Cristina said:

    Where are the normal, uncorrupt armenians? Those who have still an ounce of decency and pride in themselves???????
    yeghek barcranank mer dzayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Armanen said:

    I don’t like the protocols but it is too soon to be getting overly upset by this. I doubt much will come of this, as Paron Hamparian pointed out above, the turks have already begun to change the parameters of the deal.

  31. Ani said:

    iksapes vor hacners keranq…..kriv enq talis, bayc hakarakordin chenq chanachum, u chenq el uzum. I hope that everything will be ok, but we used to forget lessons from our history, so we must be very carefull not to be mistaken again.

  32. Haroutune Keoroghlanyan said:

    Ayskan charik teh moranan mer vortik, togh voghtch askharh hayoon garta nakhadink… Aharonian warned us about the actions of our spineless so called leaders. Let us all collectively hang our heads in shame. I do not remember voting for these wimps to speak for me, do you?
    What we need is a proper Think Tank manned by the descendants of Anatolian and Cilician armenians. People with at least a second hand knowledge of living in the Armenian vilayets… we simply cannot stand by and watch more than 80% of our ancestral homeland to given away for free… Kars, Ardahan, Trabzon, Bitlis, Van and Ani. All this warm lovey dovey crap just one year after the Georgia/Russia war when the Russian foreign minister Lavrov has recently confirmed that Azerbaijan was on the verge of attacking Armenia with Nato member Turkey eager to get involved against us. Go to Eric Walbergs article in Aug 21-23 issue of Counterpunch, Russia/Georgia/U.S. one year later who came out ahead.
    The massacre of Sumgait seems to be forgotten, no one but no one remembers the little comedy the French
    played with Turkey just before the second world war and gave them Syrian Iskenderun todays Hatay so that Turks would not get involved in the war… I for one do not believe that Sargsyan or Nalbandyan know what happened to the Armenians living there NOR GOD FORGIVE ME WOULD THEY CARE.
    Please remember that nothing has changed, Turkey is still our sworn enemy it is run by the army and for the army and Armenia is still a major obstacle to their dreams of Pan Turanism, a mega state comprising Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and all the Stans they can con into joining them.
    The Turkish state has a huge secret, a secret that no one talks about. Almost immediately after the Armenian Genocide they organized a further Genocide of much more serious proportions, they slaughtered their own language and literature… by adopting the Latin Alphabet they literally blinded all their future generations to a
    clear picture of their own history, specially the fifty years before 1925. Please believe me when I say that their young REALLY DO NOT KNOW. Maybe a concerted effort on our side to convince their educated class to study the Ottoman language is our cheapest way forward.

  33. moris - Europe said:

    Shame on this Shame on this ruling elite !
    Yes, we have to build relationship with Turkey but not in this way!

    Turkey is not democratic or a country of law or free or a country of constitutional state but a criminal state with a racist ideology. Armenian government has set up for itself a trap. Because everybody will blame Armenia if Armenia refuse these two 100% pro Turkish protocols and refusing to set up an historian commission etc!

    Now everybody can see that Serzh Sarkisyan and his foreign minster did tell lies to the Armenian people for the last 12 months!

    We all know that Turkey is in no way interested to know the truth about Armenian Genocide but likes to make Armenia & Armenians to accept the end result of Armenian Genocide by accepting current borders and more !

    Armenian government is going to accept and approve the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Western Armenian and ready to discuss the “excuses and justifications” of Turkey for the Genocide … Erdogna´s Turkey got what he wanted. For Armenians Genocide is disputed:

    “the sub-commission on the historical dimension to implement a dialogue with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations, in which Armenian, Turkish as well as Swiss and other international experts shall take part.”

  34. Moris said:

    These two protocols are in some way worse than the Kars treaty.

    The agreement regarding the third Turkish pre-condition will be part of a third protocol which has to be sign with Baku!

    This is not important what Serzh Sarkisyan and E. Nalbandyan are saying but more important is what these guys are going to sign on Oct 14. The statements of Serzh Sarkisyan “without pre-condition” should be read totally in a different way…

  35. Jack Kalpakian said:

    I disagree with most of the comments here. This is a realistic and necessary step. Borders rarely fail to reflect changes in demography and power. At best it is a sop for the Turks, if things change, no piece of paper is eternal.

    This is good news, overall, and will cause a rift between Ankara and Baku.

  36. Vicken Orfali said:

    In my opiinion the border should only be open once the tiurks apologiize for their actions of 1915. Furthermore compensating for those loses. Don’t think Turks have changed. All they want to do is establish themselves to get into the EU. Once in the EU watch for a push on the transport of oil via the pipeline. Also the Turks shall allow Armenians within Turkey practice their faith. Since the border will be open I think they should include Mt Ararat in Armenia as well as surrounding cities like Ani.

  37. George said:

    I was hoping to see some positive comments but unfortunately this is what we expect from some Diapsorans who live in the US – pay taxes to the same country which is denying the genocide – and then judge the faith of those who survive in Armenia!
    come on guys wake up!
    Has anybody noted that Artsakh is removed from the protokol? irrelative what the turks say, its what they have committed to in the protokol thats what counts.

    Instead of criticizing the Govt (our Govt), teach your children to speak Armenian with each other – encourage them to go to Armenia as their homeland and not a tourist destination…..encourage your businessmen to invest in Armenia…..this is what the diaspora should do….not sit in the US and want to decide the faith of our country!

  38. Serge said:

    We should take an action right away before it is too late, we should force Armenian goverment to withdraw from the talks and forget about negotiation. Why do we have to negotiate for openning the border, if turks are honest about openning the border there should not be any negotiation, they should open the border without any condition as they closed without any viable excuse. We have survived for so many years with boarder closed and we still can do so for years to come. We should let them know that we are not desparate and they can open the border whenever they like. No negotiation.

  39. Garo Artinian said:

    This IS NOT A GOOD DIPLOMACY Armenians can do much better.

    I agree with Aram hamparian’s asseement.

    We cannot trust the turks. They will unilaterally benefit from these Protocols. They will enter European Union, they will bury the Genocide and get away from reparations for life, properties and land, strengthen their position in South Caucasus, resolve The Armenian Issue once for all, resolve the Karabakh Issue to the Benefit of Azerbaijan by adoptng territorial integrity principle. What will Armenia get from these protocols? Open Borders? At what cost?

    I think The Armenian Parliament, the Armenian people and the Diaspora should think hard before agreeing to sign such a protocol affecting the National security of Armenia. They should realise the magnitude of Loss these protocols lead to, and reject it as whole nation. Erdogan , without firing a single bullet , will be able to achieve what Talaat , Ataturk and Karabekir tried to achieve with wars. The Soccer diplomacy has failed and its time for the Armenian Government to realise that . It is one thing to wish to have open Borders and start relations with Turkey without preconditions; but its totally disastrous to sign a protocol (with unilateral benefits as I stated above) to just achieve open borders thereby agreeing to The Turkish unilateral Preconditions!!
    Serge sarkissian has said on Monday in a BBC interview, that he believes Genocide was committed by Turkey, and he will keep that in the rearview mirror while driving forward; But signing this protocol will just do the opposite, he will loose the rearview mirror for good, and I am sure he doesn’t want to do that nor any elected official would want to do that. Serge sarkissian states he doesn’t want history to be repeated, but to achieve that goal
    Recognition and Reparation must be made by Turkey before we can put our guards down and hope that History will not be repeated.
    It took 20 years before Israel and Germany signed such protocols, only after Germany started Reparations to Israel.
    As Aram says, already Davutoglu has anoounced that Opening of the Borders is not in the near future; Turkey will achieve their goals as mentioned above and will find a reason not to open the Borders, or close it again. Then what would armenia do after having signed yet another document giving up all rights and claims, and still blockaded. This is not a diplomacy at all.

  40. Pingback: Armenia-Turkey Agree Upon Set Protocols for “Normalizing Diplomatic Relations” « Armenian-American Students & Activists United

  41. Gor said:

    So an Armenian president and an Armenian parliament, neither of which was fairly elected, are going to take it upon themselves to decide to recognize and agree to the Turkish theft of land in Western Armenia?

    And these same people are going to spit on the memory of the Genocide by agreeing to a so-called joint historical commission?

    I don’t see how some of our “Armenian” leaders differ in any significant way from Turks.

    This is yet another time in our history when we see what we Armenians are really made of.

    Will we acquiesce in this sellout?

  42. ARMENAK said:

    This is what happens to us when we live abroad, and fatten our packets. Instead of screaming and complaining, we should have gathered our belongings and gone back to Armenia upon fall of Soviets. Unfortunately, we did not and we will not. Gradually, Armenia will be swept by turks, turkish men will marry Armenian prostitutes and gradually demographic will be changed. The RA is so corrupt that money will by their way in, and they will buy out lands and no one will be able to deny their request. If they do, then they will complain to EU and sue RA. Armenia survived Genocide, hunger, blockade, but could not withstand the greed of her own people. Bye bye Hayastan.

  43. NM said:

    What a shame we have this kind of leaders, incompetent and corrupt Sargsyan and Nalbandyan and their advisors representing Armenia and Armenians. I also spit on their dialogue. they are sellingout the Genocide and Karabakh. Our famous writer Avedis Aharonian said “Ayskan charik te moranan mer vortik togh voghtch ashkharh garta hayoun nakhadik” it is exactly what’s happening. Diaspora must do something to stop this betrayal. Both Sargsyan and Nalbandian must resign. We cannot continue with these ignorant persons.

  44. John K. said:

    This is a sad day for Armenia and the Armenian nation. In 1915 the Turks killed the ARMENIAN CAUSE and today they burried it. Say goodbye to Genocide recognition, goodbye to Historic Armenia, goodbye to treaty of SERVES, goodbye to reparations and goodbye to justice. The Turks are getting away with murder! and they will keep our lands as a reward. How could this happen? Can you imagine someone killing a whole family and keeping all their possessions (land, home, valuables) and get away with it? Instead of going to jail or being executed? What kind of ______(you fill the blank) justice is this?

  45. Cristina (Uruguay) said:

    I agree with all those who said this is a really sad time for Armenia. Whith things like this, i wonder if all the efforts that diaspora is making since I have common sense, are because of something. Well, I am starting to convince myself that Armenian government doesn`t matter.
    Come on, wake up armenians of all around the world!!! What can we do?
    By the way, what are we doing such number of armenians in all around the world that they have to “Implement a dialogue on the historical dimension with the aim to restore mutual confidence between the two nations, including an impartial and scientific examination of the historical records and archives to define existing problems and formulate recommendations”.???? We are the result of the Genocide!! Who dares to doubt that?

  46. ARTIN M. said:


    you are wrong Arzakh is not removed from portocoll… read the portocolls and waite a couple of months… soon you will hear of the third portocol!!!

  47. Gevorg said:

    As usually most of people just talking. Don’t you know that our deeds talks louder than words!? So why everybody just talk loudly? Lets write a petition. In US there lots of powerful Armenian organizations ANCA, AGBU etc. together with them we can do much more than just crying here.
    In addition I totally agree with George. Everybody should contribute in establishing prosperous and powerful Armenia – by monthly at least $10 donations, by visiting Armenia, by investing and making business there… Do small steps but do something – not only crying here that our homeland is in bad shape and our diplomats could do better!

  48. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    This is a hypothetical issue of all Armenians around the world, I don’t understand how our Ptresident Serge Sargsian and Foreign Minister take dangerous measures towards their own homeland and their own nation to accept taking dangerous messures alone without discussing with all parties and representatives of Diasporan Armenians? And what makes them to put the whole Armenian nation into risky situation that will regret after it is too late. I think we all have to raise our voices and resent them getting involved under outside pressure!!! Mr. Sargisian fought for Aetsakh’s independent, did he forget the blood shed to achieve this goal? We all worried what will happen next!!! Another Genocide by criminal Turks and Azeries as they regard themselves two countries one nation. I honestly can’t convince myself if both our leaders understand politics!!
    We were much safer under Mr. Robert Kocharian’s presidency and Foreign Ministry Vartan Oskanian…. I hope when Dashnagtsutuin rally will be held today in Armenia, these two leaders come to their senses.. God save us…..

  49. Hagop Melik Hagopian said:

    What the Turkic Hordes started … NATO and the Armenian plutocrats will finish!

  50. Ohannes Jamgotchian said:

    The first thing for me to say is that SHAME ON YOU MR.SARGYSYAN !! You are not even a legal elected president because you become that with a very obvious electoral fraud!! You have not the right to sign anything in the name of the armenian nation, RESIGN!!
    What can Armenia sale to the turks? you dont have industry because your goverment is corrupt and inept to enforce the industrial growth.

    SHAME ON YOU AGAIN!!! Ohannes Jamgotchian, Mèxico!!

  51. Daniela Ohannessian said:

    Realmente leo y no puedo entender cómo es posible que olvidemos tan fácil. Quizás nosotros que estamos en la diáspora lo veos y lo sentimos distinto. Pero cómo podemos renunciar a lo que nos robaron? Acaso no se llenan de dolor viendo el Ararat del oto lado de nuestra frontera? O nos olvidamos de repente que tanta gente murió y mucha gente más tuvo que huír de su hogar por un plan siniestro ideado por gente sin alma? Entiendo que nosotros no vivimos lidiando con turcos día a día, pero, aunque soy argentina, AMO A MI PATRIA como si hubiera nacido ahí y no puedo soportar la idea de renunciar a una historia, a años de lucha y a una verdad contada no sólo por sobrevivientes si no por muchos testigos que dejaron plasmado su terror al presenciar los hechos perpetrados por Turquía durante el GENOCIDIO. NO HAY NADA QUE DISCUTIR, sólo tienen que reconocer esa parte de la historia que niegan. NO NECESITAMOS DE ELLOS, ellos necesitan de Armenia para entrar a la Comunidad Europea. Seamos inteligentes, no nos dejemos engañar. No quedó en el pasado, Turquía sigue siendo el mismo estado genocida que hace casi un siglo atrás, porque negar un genocidio es casi lo mismo que cometerlo otra vez. NO ACEPTEMOS que nos sigan robando y lastimando. Armenia es grande por su gente, por su historia, por su presente y por la fuerza de su gente que hace que se mantenga viva día tras dia, en Armenia y en todo el mundo, haciendo conocer nuestra cultura, nuestra historia. Por nuestros atepasados y por nosotros NO AL ABSURDO PROTOCOLO!

  52. joseph arabian said:


  53. Kevorkian Kaderian Santiago said:

    Increible… lo politicos de Armenia… siguen ordenes de los capitalistas. Algunos son ellos mismos. Esto no sirve.

    La paz no vale una violacion como esta. No lo vale.

  54. alejandro Paragamian said:

    No lo puedo creer, que los gobernantes de mi querida Armenia nos traicionen asi. Que me traicione un turco es normal porque siempre fueron barbaros. Si vivieran mis padres no lo podrian creer en la insensibilidad de este gobierno que dice ser democratico toma medidas de este tipo borrando con un plumazo nuestra historia del siglo xx escrita con sangre de nuestros antepasados. Este protocolo ha sido arreglado desde hace bastante tiempo, por algo el presidente turco fue a Armenia a ver el partido de footbal. Ya estaba todo cocinado.Cuidado con el lobo que esta disfrazado de caperucita, quiere hacer buena letra para poder entrar a la COMUNIDAD EUROPEA y luego que?. Que dolor me produce esto al pensar que estamos tirando al tacho de basura casi un siglo de lucha por el reconocimiento del genocidio que el mundo entero en su momento cerro los ojos. Seguramente que el compatriota que ponga la firma en dicho acuerdo no perdio a ningun familiar.QUE DIOS LOS ILUMINE.

  55. Sara de Leon said:

    Leyendo los Protocolos acordados surge claramente la entrega de los intereses nacionales por parte del actual gobierno de Yereván.

    En el Protocolo de Establecimiento de Relaciones Internacionales, el gobierno de Yereván no hace reservas sobre nuestros legítimos derechos a recuperar los territorios ocupados por Turquía como consecuencia del genocidio y acepta sin condiciones ni reclamos la “integridad territorial”, es decir las fronteras tal cual como están ahora.

    Seguidamente, el gobierno armenio se somete a “abrir un nuevo capítulo y una nueva conducta en sus relaciones” como si nada hubiese para reclamar y como si los crímenes hubiesen sido reconocidos y condenados.

    Pero lo peor llega con el Protocolo sobre Desarrollo de las Relaciones, donde acuerdan promover el “diálogo sobre cuestiones históricas….inclusive emprender un examen científico e imparcial de los relatos y archivos históricos a fin de definir cuestiones subsistentes y proponer recomendaciones”.
    O sea, desconoce el genocidio, el cual es un crimen de lesa humanidad y un delito penal internacional y lo rebaja a la figura de cuestión histórica a ser analizada….
    El trabajo de más de 90 años tirado por la borda. Un insulto a los pronunciamientos y reconocimientos ya manifestados por organismos internacionales y países de todos los continentes, tanto en sus esferas ejecutivas como legislativas, incluida la Ley promulgada en Argentina. O sea, el gobierno armenio aún debe analizar los hechos, mientras que decenas de naciones ya lo han aceptado….

    Ingenuidad? Incompetencia? Negligencia? Corrupción? Traición? Todo junto???
    Les aseguro que no hay un mínimo de acción estratégica en esto (esa mística de las relaciones internacionales), ni defensa de intereses nacionales ni preservación de recursos indispensables. Se ha consultado informalmente a varios funcionarios armenios y todo esto es inexplicable…. como muestra vale leer la opinión del anterior canciller armenio, Oskanian, en abril de este año.

    Justicia? Tierra? Amor? Patria? Nación? Ararat? Se han evaporado tan rápido estos conceptos en el seno de la joven República de Armenia??

    Disculpen el desahogo, la bronca, la impotencia….

    Cuando hoy más que nunca deberíamos estar unidos, el genocida Estado turco ha encontrado complacientes interlocutores en el seno del corrupto poder en Yereván.

    Qué diferente el actual escenario, si comparamos con el 24 de abril del año pasado, cuando el genocida Estado turco estaba acorralado por la presión internacional, presión surgida del incansable trabajo llevado adelante principalmente por las comunidades diaspóricas.

    Empecemos por lo mínimo, expresar nuestro repudio y rechazo a la entrega de los intereses nacionales más sublimes. Lo impensable se presenta ante nuestros ojos: manifestarnos y protestar ante las Embajadas y Consulados de la República de Armenia en todo el mundo; dirigir nuestro repudio a las más altas autoridades; y que se den cuenta que son temas en los cuales deben rendir cuentas a toda una nación.

    Es un momento bisagra en la historia de nuestra nación. Organicémonos, para que JUNTOS podamos revertir este gravísimo error histórico, que nos condenará para siempre.

    Movilicémonos sincronizadamente, publicando anuncios y solicitadas, marcando nuestra posición, EN TODO EL MUNDO, AL MISMO TIEMPO, toda la Diáspora Unida. Como generaciones de sobrevivientes del genocidio estamos en nuestro legítimo derecho de defender lo que es justo, lo que es digno… por ello hemos luchado todos estos años… La cuestión armenia no es ajena a las comunidades diaspóricas ni a las comunidades en general. Por el contrario, a esta altura es patrimonio de toda la humanidad.

    TODOS JUNTOS, profesionales, alumnos, empresarios, jóvenes, artistas, anciano, académicos, religiosos, comerciantes, maestros, desde cada rincón del mundo…. MANIFESTEMONOS, es nuestro derecho. EL GENOCIDIO NO SE NEGOCIA. Ya se llevaron la vida de más de un millón y medio de armenios. Hoy, se ha entregado el alma de toda una nación…. Mañana lloraremos por Artsaj?? PAREMOS ESTA INFAMIA AHORA!!

  56. Antranig said:

    This is an absolute shame. Armenia is already importing cheap Turkish goods but they come through Georgia. Armenia’s labor costs are higher than in Turkey and Turkey is more of an industrial country. I visited 2 factories this summer in Armenia, they were really pathetic. Old soviet equipment without any modernization. I’m not sure if Armenia can sell anything into Turkey but if we can, that would be super, but it begs the question, why haven’t we already? Turkish trucks are rolling in and out of Armenia all the time, bringing in Turkish goods. I know, I saw the Turkish license plates. Giving up Karabagh is not an option and neither is the Genocide issue. Somebody needs to make sure Sargsyan doesn’t sign it all away

  57. Stepan Simonian said:

    Any concessions on territory and Genocide are absolutely not acceptable. How dare the government of Armenia make decisions of such magnitude without the vote of Armenians within Armenia and the Diaspora.