Poll: Over 90% of Armenian Americans Oppose Protocols

stopGlendale, CA/Watertown, MA:  Ninety percent of Armenian Americans oppose the adoption of the proposed Turkey-Armenia Protocols, according to a two-week, national on-line poll taken by Asbarez and the Armenian Weekly.

The results of the poll represent a statistically sound and geographically diverse sample of responses from 2,400 respondents.

The poll results are provided below:

1. Do you agree with the creation of a historical commission of Turks and Armenians to study whether the events of 1915-23 were a genocide?

Yes:  11.8%
No:  88.2%

2. Do you agree with Armenia officially recognizing its current border with Turkey?

Yes:  11.4%
No:  88.6%

3. Do you agree that the lifting of Turkey’s blockade of Armenia should be linked to Azerbaijan’s approval of a Nagorno Karabagh settlement?

Yes:  5.3%
No:  94.7%

4. Are the recent Turkey-Armenia protocols better for Turkey or Armenia?

Better for Armenia:  5.2%
Better for Turkey:  94.8%

5. Do you support the adoption of the Turkey-Armenia protocols?

Yes:  9.5%
No:  90.5%


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  1. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    The Survey gives the right picture of what US Armenians as well as Armenians all over the World think. Using Mr. Sarksyan’s vocabulary, I have to say that Mr. Sarksyan has to tighten the bolts and knots of moondar (i.e., dirty) Armenians.

  2. Asbet Balanian said:

    I accept and believe in the validity of this survey. I am confident that the great majority of Armenians, both in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora are against President Sarkisians selling out of the rights of Armenians, victims of the Genocide, their usuped wealth and property. Serge, how can you sell out everything, even your home, Karabagh, I do not know what kind of blood runs in your veins and what kind of logic you follow. We will know soon, but it will be too late. Armenians worldwide will not forgive you, you have the blood of all Armenian Genicide victims on your hands. I do not know how you will be able to sleep after betraying the victims of the Armenian Genocide, their descendants and the whole Armenian Nation.

    Asbet Balanian
    Community Activist
    Philadelphia, PA 267-934-0899 (mobile)

  3. DavidSassoon said:

    How can this be? Mrs Clinton has already prepared to attend the signing. She wants to wave her hand over the document and validate it. This document must be signed. After all this is will open the pearly gates to allow Turkey’s ascension into the EU! This document is supposed to be the next step towards Turkey’s so called westernization. The question is to who’s benefit? Armenia’s? ? ?

  4. Thomas Nephew said:

    I join many Armenian Americans in opposing the protocols. However, I do wonder about an online survey of this kind – its online nature and the 90-10 margin both set off some alarm bells, statistically speaking.

    Were the respondents selected at random from a specifiable broad universe of Armenian Americans, or did they self-select into the survey? If the former, what was the response rate? If the latter, then this wasn’t necessarily a representative survey, it would arguably be (statistically) biased — a show of hands of people who found their way to the survey web site because they knew about it and/or were motivated to answer its questions, rather than a true random sample of Armenian Americans. I suspect a methodologically sound survey of Armenian Americans would find more against the protocols than for it, but not by this margin.

    I would be happy to stand corrected on this; I looked around on this site and found no other information about it, hence this comment. If survey methodology is available, it would be good to update this web page with the details, or with a link to such details.