ANCA Protests Protocols Pressure on Armenia

WASHINGTON, DC – The Armenian National Committee of America today issued the following statement on the Turkey-Armenia Protocols. Below is the text of the statement.

The ANCA stands with the Armenian American community in working to stop the intense pressure by Turkey and its allies to force Armenia into accepting a flawed and dangerous set of Protocols that threaten the security of Armenia, surrender the rights of the Armenian nation, and insult the dignity of the Armenian people.

Among the ANCA’s primary concerns, in keeping with the basic American principles of fairness and the enduring values of the Armenian nation, is that Armenia, blockaded by Turkey and under intense economic and diplomatic pressure, is being forced into accepting terms that threaten her interests, rights, safety, and future – very notably in the form of a proposed “historical commission.” This provision, a tactic long pursued by Ankara to cast doubt on the historical record of the Armenian Genocide, is intended to serve Turkey’s drive to roll back the growing tide of international recognition of this crime against humanity.  There can, as a matter of basic morality and political reality, be no enduring relationship between Armenia and Turkey that is not built upon the foundation of Turkey’s acceptance of a true and just resolution of the Armenian Genocide.

These protocols also undermine the right to freedom and self-determination of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic, surrender the historical rights of the Armenian nation to a just resolution of the Armenian Genocide.  For these, and other reasons noted in the ANCA’s point-by-point analysis (see link below) of the Protocols, the ANCA opposes the pressure that his being applied upon Armenia to accept this set of reckless and destructive concessions.

ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian expressed the Armenian American community’s outrage at the ill-advised and morally unacceptable U.S. pressure on the Armenian government to accept the flawed Protocols, citing recent reports in the New York Times and elsewhere regarding Secretary Clinton’s personal ‘prodding’ and ‘pushing’ of the Armenian government to accept the Protocols in the face of broad-based opposition both in Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. ” (See link below to Hachikian’s letter to Secretary Clinton).

A recent on-line poll found over 90% of Armenian Americans are opposed the adoption of the Turkey-Armenia Protocols (see link below to survey results). The scope and depth of the overwhelming opposition to these agreements has been reflected in grassroots demonstrations in Los Angeles, New York, and in other cities across the United States and around the world, which are set to continue during Armenian President Serge Sargsian’s visit to the United States on October 3rd and 4th.

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