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A gala, ain’t that nice?  He deserves it of course, this Serzh Sarkissian guy.  It’s not everyone who has the honor of selling out his nation’s future.

A quick note, depending on when you read this, some of the verb tenses in this piece may no longer be appropriate and some things might have already transpired, but, heck, were in the age of the print/internet junction.

So clearly, Serzhig has not gotten the message yet.  Clearly, the disparate array of forces such as those which organized the LA-area anti-Protocols rally on Sunday September 27 (more in this after the actionable stuff) was not enough to convey to this man holding the title “President of the Republic of Armenia (RoA)”, just how wrong he is.  Clearly, the Diaspora is in agreement on this front.  Clearly, our compatriots in the homeland will take heart from our actions (as I was told by a member of Armenia’s parliament) and give this guy a taste of their ire upon his return home.  Clearly, his arrogance still rules him.

He’s decided to fly to LA (making my wish from last week come true), meet with selected people and organizational representatives (here’s where I gather we should be awed and genuflect), try to con the Armenian media with his Protocol-BS, and… hold a gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, 9867 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, 90210.  Mark this address well.  You’d better be there when this treasonous creature is given an appropriate “welcome” as we demonstrate outside the gathering.  There’ll be buses arranged to get there.  You might drive.  Or, “Go Metro” as LA’s transit agency suggests.  Here’re the website and phone number to get route and schedule information:, 1.800.266.6883.  (Just be aware, there’s a bug in the MTA website.  It lists the hotel’s address twice, as links, the one on the left doesn’t work, the one on the right does).

If you’re not there, you might become associated with the wishy-washy positions adopted by the AGBU and Armenian Assembly.  They’re playing the role of a Trojan horse in our community.  Their positions are allowing the master-manipulators in D.C. to claim, “See, the Armenians are divided.  The extremists oppose rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey.  We, the “enlightened” West, support moderates.”  That’s why there’s a chorus of high ranking government officials, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, touting the glories of these end-of-Armenia Protocols.  And here’s the biggest and saddest problem.  The AGBU and AA are not even representing their own constituencies.  I’ve met NO ONE, nor seen any polling, that supports this pair of protocols.  So for whom do that pair of organizations speak?  Perhaps they too should be roundly pilloried along with Serzhig. If you’re in their orbit, please beseech, cudgel, or anything in between, the leadership of those two groups to come around to truly representing Armenian national interests.

Now, back to the rally that was.  Turnout was respectable, though not exceptional.  I counted something under 7,000 participants, though the helicopters flying overhead were probably the source of news reports putting the number as high as 10,000.  I fear people have not yet realized that these days are as critical a juncture in our history, if not more so, than the Artzakh/independence movement 21 years ago or the first Genocide demonstrations 38 years ago.  It’s as though Ardavazt’s* evil dogs have almost gnawed through his chains, yet we don’t hear the baying of the hounds nor see the breaking links.

The rally’s first half hour elapsing with no programming did not reflect well on the organizers.  Also, the speakers were hard to hear, not just because of the helicopters overhead, but because so many people in the crowd were talking that they drowned out the voices from the podium.  Ironically, further back and away from the stage, out of the crowd, I could hear everything!  Another tacky aspect was that some businesses saw fit to use the rally as a forum for distributing their flyers.
It’s almost worth boycotting those outfits!

But everyone went home satisfied.  Those in attendance are obviously worked up over these protocols from hell.  In fact, many are far harsher in their demands vis-à-vis the President and leadership of the RoA.  The other very heartening aspect of this rally was its mix of participants.  All sub-segments of our community seemed well represented.

But this war, bloodless though it will hopefully continue to be, is just beginning.  These are the first few skirmishes.  Much bigger battles loom.  Let’s come together and stand strong, else as I wrote before, we’ll truly deserve the anathema called for by Avedis Aharonian in his famous, “Should our children forget so much evil, let the whole world revile us with calumny”.

Get out there, bring others with you, and incessantly spread the word.

* Ardavazt, in Armenian mythology, is the evil king chained in a cave whose loyal dogs are trying to free him, and who upon his escape will bring about the end of the world.


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